Ani Dimi

Brides-To-Be Share The 2017 Wedding Trend They're Using


Figuring out a way to make your wedding stand out from being basic can be more of a headache than anything else.

Sure, you may want to try something different, but you may not want it to be so outrageous that your guests are left wondering if they walked into a wedding or your fourth grade birthday party.

If you're looking to get with the “times” and ditch some modern traditions so your wedding looks more like it's in 2017 and less like it's happening in medieval times, take note of some of the trends these five brides-to-be are adding to their weddings this year:

1. Virtual reality

— Tania D., 27

2. Charitable registries

— Lucy F., 24

3. Charging stations

— Katie W., 28

4. Dogs. All the dogs.

— Rach S., 28

5. Free food trucks

— Molly E., 25