Brides Admit The Real Reasons They Said 'Yes' To Their Proposal (And It's Not Love)

When you see someone down on one knee in front of you holding a box with a beautiful diamond ring inside, you may find yourself suffocated with excitement and joy, eager to blurt out a giant "YES."

For a lot of people, this reaction is fueled by the fact that you're thrilled you've sealed the deal with a person who makes your heart flutter and your definition of true love has finally come to life.

But for some, maybe that excitement is because you're rushing into marriage for a different, personal and perhaps not-so-positive motive.

For some women, saying "yes" to a proposal isn't always about love.

Check out why these seven women said yes when their fiancés proposed, and why their answer had nothing to do with love:

1. She's looking to settle for something less than perfect.

I thought I would take my time searching for someone to be with forever, but in reality, I'm just looking for a decent person who doesn't piss me off all of the time to settle down with. So yes, I am settling. That's why I said yes to the proposal. It had nothing to do with deep love.

— Frannie P., 31

2. All of her friends are married, and she didn't want to feel left out.

I was eager to say yes to getting married because all of my friends are married and I wanted to catch up. It just seemed like the trendy thing to do. I hinted to my boyfriend of a year that I was more than ready to get married, and I felt that way because everyone else around me was doing that and I didn't want to be left out.

— Marissa G., 27

3. She doesn't want to wait any longer to have kids.

I'm not head-over-heels in love, I'll admit that, but I said yes to getting married because I'm older and want to try to have kids. I don't want to have kids on my own. I want a partner, and I found someone who is good enough to take on that role with me.

— Hannah D., 38

I want a partner, and I found someone who is good enough to take on that role with me.

4. She wants financial security, and isn't sorry about it.

Don't label me a gold digger, but yes, I am marrying someone who is 15 years older and makes probably 15 times as much as I do. I wanted to marry someone who was well off so I didn't have to worry about money. I said yes to getting married to my boyfriend because of that reason.

— Jo V., 31

5. He has great health insurance and she doesn't.

Marriage sounded like a great idea because he has amazing benefits through work, and my health insurance is pretty shitty.

— Dara S., 28

6. She's scared to be single.

To be honest, I'm not sure our relationship is strong and on the best track, but I said yes and got engaged because I'm terrified of being single again and starting over at this stage in my life. A semi-good thing sounds better than nothing.

— Kathy P., 37

A semi-good thing sounds better than nothing.

7. Her mom made her do it.

Literally, my mom called me and was like he's going to propose and you better say yes. So I did. She was worried that if I don't get married now, I never will, so she pushed me to say yes, even though I'm not ready at all.

— Rachel A., 25

Jeez, mom.