8 Brides Admit Why They Were Miserable On Their Wedding Day

Everyone always says your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, but let's be honest. It's not.

If anything, your wedding can be one of the most stressful, fast-paced events of your life, and it's over in what feels like just a blink of the eye.

Your wedding can be one of the most stressful, fast-paced events of your life.

One moment, you're walking down the aisle, and the next, you're cutting the cake, hugging your guests goodbye and being forced to evacuate the venue by midnight, or else you'll have to pay a hefty overtime fee.

To be real, there's not much you can even do to ensure your wedding day is pure perfection. Even after your best efforts, you may find yourself huddled in the corner, crying your eyes out because one of your friends got into a fight with the bartender.

Are you wondering what exactly pushes a bride over the edge and lands them with a wedding day in the dumps? Here are eight brides who admitted why they were miserable on their wedding day:

1. I didn't want to be there.

I realized about an hour before showtime that I didn't want to marry this person. I realized that I was putting on a front for a while and about to marry someone for all the wrong reasons. I couldn't call the wedding off. All of the guests arrived, and everyone was excited. So once I accepted the fact that I was going through with this, I just couldn't be happy and act OK. I was miserable the whole night, rolling my eyes and just not being pleasant to be around. People noticed, but I don't think they knew why I was acting like that.

— Marissa D., 32

2. The weather was rough.

The forecast didn't say it was going to rain, so we thought we would be OK having an outdoor wedding. Halfway into our ceremony, it started thundering and pouring. It was like a hurricane was happening. I tried to run indoors but was soaking wet. The whole night, I was wet and cold. It just ruined my mood.

— Carrie B., 29

3. I ruined my wedding dress.

I was hugging someone hello during cocktail hour, and I spilled my glass of red wine all over the front of my dress. Pretty embarrassing. I didn't want to be photographed the rest of the night. I wish I had a second dress to change into because it was just annoying spending the rest of the night in a stained dress.

— Larissa N., 31

4. I fought with the groom.

There was just so much going on, and I had a million people asking me questions. I started fighting with my husband because I felt like he wasn't helping out and that he was just off getting drunk with his friends all day and night on our wedding day. We were yelling at each other, and one of my bridesmaids had to calm us down.

— Krystal B., 28

5. Our DJ was a no show.

Our DJ didn't show up, so we had to plug in my phone and play music off Spotify. It was still a fun party, but it wasn't as fun as having a DJ would have been. Once I learned the DJ wasn't coming or answering his phone, I just couldn't get out of my bad mood for the rest of the night.

— Beth V., 26

6. My family was a disaster.

Half of my family got so drunk and rowdy before the ceremony, they were screaming funny things and laughing during our vows. It was so distracting and rude. They apologized right after, but I felt like it ruined the day and made me feel embarrassed in front of all my other guests and friends that had never met my family before.

— Heather B., 29

7. I didn't eat a thing.

I'll sum up my mood for the day: hangry. I kept forgetting to eat, and therefore, I wasn't very pleasant to be around.

— Emily K., 29

8. The power went out.

The venue lost power for an hour. That meant no lights, no DJ and nothing to do. It was so frustrating. People just sat at their tables and ate. I was running around trying to see how we could fix the situation and lighting candles to place around the room. When it finally went back on, a lot of our guests had already left to go home.

— Abby D., 31