4 Reasons Breakups Will Always Be Easier In Long-Distance Relationships

by Peyton King

Breakups suck. There's no nice way to put it, and there's nothing fun about the situation.

The ultimate devastation lies in losing a connection with another person.

An agreement was severed, and in most cases, it's lost forever.

It takes away a small piece of your life, and it changes how you interact with the world every day.

Why? When you're in a relationship, you form daily habits.

Without even realizing it, a text around lunch time becomes the norm.

You hang out every day after work.

You are ready to listen to each other talk whenever one of you needs it.

You are there for him or her at the drop of a hat.

In a long-distance relationship, these habits are emphasized and focused on one thing in particular: communication.

Every day, you know when that person wakes up and when he or she goes to bed.

You know what his or her schedule is going to be like, and set times to talk become the routine.

In most cases, you go through an extensive amount of time without seeing your significant other.

In cases of nasty breakups, you have the upper hand.

Here are the four reasons why you're lucky:

1. You were already used to not seeing the person.

Yes, it sucks you probably will not make the effort to see one another again, but at least you were already used to it.

As opposed to seeing, touching and being with that person on a regular basis, your body already acknowledges you are not close to him or her.

Holding hands is not a daily habit for you guys.

Kissing and sex is something you only talk about, not something you can experience whenever you want.

Looking into one another's eyes was something only commonly shared through pixels on a cell phone screen.

This makes for a smoother transition.

2. The odds of an awkward run-in are little to none.

The worst and best thing about long distance is distance.

You don't live in the same place.

You won't go down to the supermarket and have to worry about whether or not you put yourself together.

Especially in the case of an international relationship, there are no concerns of potentially bumping into your ex or worse, his or her new fling.

That painful encounter is almost completely avoided.

3. You can easily skip your scheduled Skype dates.

Surprise! You can go to that movie with your friends.

You don't have to sit around at 8 pm to have your nightly or weekly Skype date.

There is no more making excuses and not being able to just tell him or her to tag along.

Yeah, let me just prop up my iPad at the restaurant so he can eat with me. That's totally normal.

4. Scared of seeing something you don't want to see? There's an easy solution.

Hide him or her on social media. All you have to do is pull on that drop-down menu and he or she is gone.

No longer will you have to sit there and analyze whether it's his or her latest cousin or hookup on your news feed.

It doesn't have to be any of your business. Blissful ignorance is only a click away.

Of course, there will be days when all you want to do is pick up the phone.

I know and understand that, as I've been a part of a long-distance breakup myself.

There will always be regrets and sadness at the end of something that was an important part of life.

While there's no avoiding the sadness of letting such a significant part of your life go, you're lucky the experience wasn't as bad because it was a long-distance relationship.