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Guys Share Breakup Stories About Being Dumped Via Text


I hear a lot of breakup stories about people being ghosted. People send countless texts trying to figure out why they're being ignored by someone they've been casually dating. And those breakups are pretty big doozies.

But what seems to be even worse? Getting dumped by someone you've been seriously dating over TEXT.

I mean, you've been dating for a long ass time and the person didn't even have the decency to call you?! It's totally inexcusable, if you ask me.

That being said, it still happens all the time. Don't believe me?

Read these people's first-hand accounts of how it happened to them:

This guy's breakup was just an aside to his girlfriend.

— D_Oberman

This guy had to piece the puzzle together himself.

— sanicbam

This guy was so upset, he had to pull his car over to puke.

— redandblack555

This guy was broken up with in three simple snaps.

— whyaretheynaked

This guy learned the hard way that there's something even worse than being ghosted.

— iLikeAssFightMe

This guy got dumped over text when he was at his lowest point.

— zimmer199

This guy was left hanging in the worst way possible.

— MaskedSociopath

This guy's girlfriend moved on real quick.

— chubbyurma

This guy got dumped while he was at his grandma's funeral.

— TheBrandNewDay

This guy got what I imagine is the worst Christmas gift of all time.

— PlanetaryGenocide

Moral of the story? Grow a pair and break up with your SO in person.

Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped via text? Even worse.