In Defense Of The Break-Up Text: Why You Should Digitally Dump Someone

For a while, breaking up with someone over text was one of the worst sins anyone could commit.

Most break-up texts were shown to friends, who would then indignantly cry out, "He did what?"

However, since most people now perform most of their communication digitally, it seems breaking up via text is not so hard to do after all.

According to a Voucher Cloud survey, 56 percent of people who have ended a relationship in the past year have done so digitally.

The results are not surprising.

Most people (25 percent) chose to send a break-up text. Around 20 percent of people sent a break-up message via social media.

Only 11 percent of people went for the break-up email.

Most people agree you shouldn't end your marriage via message. You should probably meet face-to-face to work out more complicated relationships that involve shared living spaces, children or pets.

However, there are times when breaking up over text is not only acceptable, but preferred.

If the relationship is new and you've only been out a few times, it's totally okay to tell the person you don't want to see him or her anymore through text.

In fact, this is much more preferable to other methods, like completely disappearing and ignoring him or her completely.

If you have only been out on a few dates, you have only spent a few hours together.

There is no real reason to go into the ins and outs of why you don't want to date someone by meeting with him or her in person.

In the early days, it is important to respect each other. But, you are not yet at a point where you owe anyone an explanation.

One of the best reasons to break up through your phone is if your relationship was toxic.

If the person you were dating was more like a drug than a partner, it is better for everyone if you don't see each other.

This is especially true if the person you're breaking up with is manipulative or controlling. This is because it is easier to see those kind of negative messages when they are in writing.

It is too easy to be manipulated by someone you like when you are forced to look into his or her eyes. But because online communication can be cold, it is easier to leave someone this way.

It can be also safer. Dumping someone via text is a good way to ensure you are never getting back together.

It is absolutely okay to break up through text if it's the only resource you have.

If the person you're dating has just stopped answering his or her phone when you call or text him or her, you don't have any other real option.

If someone has virtually disappeared on you, and you have been dating or in a relationship for a while, it is totally okay to send a break-up message.

Not only will it usually get his or her attention, but it will also give you closure.

It lets the person know it's not cool to just stop talking to someone.

But to be honest, if someone has been avoiding looking at his or her Whatsapp for four days just to avoid you, he or she probably wants to be dumped via text, anyway.

Finally, it's cool to break up with someone through text if you have a long-distance relationship.

If you've always relied on technology to communicate, no one will see it as a big deal.

You don't need to drive across the country just to break up with someone. (That's excessive and a little bit crazy.)

There is one caveat to this rule, though.

If you and your partner spend hours on the phone, you should probably have the decency to call.

If you've demonstrated you don't share the Millennial fear of talking on the phone, there is no reason not to pick up the phone and use your voice to end your relationship.

According to a recent survey, 59 percent of single people condone breaking up through text if the relationship was casual, while 24 percent of people even think it's okay if the relationship was serious.

If this survey is true, it's fair to say society has embraced technology for all social functions.

But, it is important to remember people give the break-up text a green light only in some situations. It shouldn't be treated as nonchalantly as trading currencies on your phone.

The break-up text is a powerful tool, but it is not one to be misused.

If you want to have real relationships with people, you still need to be able to talk to them face-to-face.

Hiding behind your phone will not solve your problems. It may even make your relationships harder.