This Girl Was Ghosted By Her BF Of 9 Years, Who Also Ghosted A Pregnant Girl


This week, we have what I can honestly say is the most mind-blowing and devastating "Boom, Ghosted" yet. Arianna* was ghosted by her boyfriend of NINE years after confronting him about his other girlfriend:

I was ghosted by my boyfriend of nine years after I found out he had another girlfriend and got another girl pregnant. My ex-boyfriend and I had been together nine years and in a long-distance relationship for two years. He never seemed into social media. He told me he had no interest in Facebook or Instagram. Last weekend, after a few glasses of wine, I decided to search his name on Instagram. Sure enough, there was a relatively active profile with his photos. I decided to look at his tagged photos and saw someone had tagged him in a photo of two plates with the caption, "Sunday Brunch Vibes."
I found photos of the two of them on dates, vacations and with other couple friends.
Upon looking at the original poster's profile, I found photos of the two of them on dates, vacations and with other couple friends. Obviously, I was furious, so I called him. No answer. I texted him that it was an emergency. He called me back, and I told him I knew everything. He said he would call me right back, and then, he hung up.
Then, I messaged the girl in the photos to tell her who I was. I assumed she didn't know about me. Turns out, she did but had been told by my ex that he and I had broken up after a vacation we took earlier in the year. She told me I wasn't the first person to reach out to her. A girl had messaged her a few months ago to say she had met her boyfriend (my ex, now) on Tinder. She was pregnant and was looking for answers. My ex had 'ghosted' her.
After exchanging more and more information, I decided to make the road trip home to confront him. He wasn't responding to calls or texts. After speaking with him in person, it was clear we needed to end things, but me being the hopeless romantic I am, I said I would think about what to do next. Break up or try to forgive him? I was so hurt. So I wrote him a text later, saying that I needed to know things were going to be different. I wanted him to prove he was going to be faithful.
I wanted him to prove he was going to be faithful.
After our talk, I agreed to give him a second chance. When I did that, I agreed to going to his work holiday party on Friday.
I drove all the way home, got ready, and called/texted him. He was really short with me then stopped responding.
Later that night, I reached out to the other woman (the one from Instagram) only to have her tell me that he went to the event with her after all. He hasn't responded to any of my texts or calls since that night. I shouldn't have entertained the idea of giving him another chance. He had already shown me who he was.

You guys, I am FLOORED.

And I don't even know which aspect of this guy's HORRIFIC behavior to be floored by the most.

The fact that he had the nerve to be cheating on her just two weeks after offering to ask her dying dad for her hand in marriage?

The fact that he had the nerve to be cheating on her after NINE years together?

The fact that he had the nerve to GHOST her after dating for NINE years?!

The fact that he somehow managed to find a girl who loved him enough to keep him around after ALL of that and still decided to ghost her again, after making her drive all the way to where he lived, so she could be his date to his Christmas party he invited her to?!

Oh, and don't even get me started on the poor girl he ghosted when she got PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD.

I mean, this is insane.


I cannot fathom it. Can you? If you can make sense of this MONSTER'S actions, please enlighten me. And if you have a similar experience and can understand her point of view, I want to hear that, too!

*Names have been changed.