Gabrielle Lutze

Boozy Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Alcohol Lover

Whether it's IPAs, merlot, cocktails or top shelf liquor, everyone has a preference.

For Valentine's Day, skip the boring bottle and invest in something more meaningful.

Regardless of your special someone's partialities, these 15 gifts are bound to make for a memorable (or really fuzzy, no judgement) holiday:

1. Wine condoms

Protect the goods.

Wine Condoms, $18, Firebox

2. Drinking and drawing coloring book

Pass the markers and colored pencils.

Drinking and Drawing Coloring Book, $9, This is Why I'm Broke

3. The hangover patch

It's worth a try right?

The Hangover Patch, 5 for $15, 10 for $28, or 50 for $130, Bytox

4. Beer jelly

Toast your breakfast with beer.

Beer Jelly, $30 (Set of 4), Uncommon Goods

5. Wine-infused salad dressing

Finally, a salad I'll actually eat.

Wine-Infused Salad Dressing, $37 (Set of 3), Uncommon Goods

6. Chambong


Chambong, one for $25, two for $35 and five for $50, Chambong

7. Chillsner

Keep your cold one, well, a cold one.

Chillsner, $17, Uncommon Goods

8. Wine-infused soap

Get clean off your buzz.

Wine Soaps (Set of 4), $28, Uncommon Goods

9. Recycled wine bottle candles

Finally, a good use for all those empty bottles.

Soy Wax Wine Bottle Candle, $29, Nordstrom

10. State beer cap map

Show off your love for beer and home state all at once.

State Beer Cap Map, $35, Home Wet Bar

11. Self-chilling wine glasses

Cold wine or watered-down wine? Now you don't have to chose.

Self Chilling Wine Glasses (Set of 2), $50, Uncommon Goods

12. Scotch-infused toothpicks

Why didn't I think of this?

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set (4 glass vials, 1 dozen toothpicks each), $36, Uncommon Goods

13. Mittens with built-in flask

These are way more functional than fake sunblock tubes and tampon applicators.

Mittens With Built-In Flask, $17, Jet

14. Beer aroma booster

Foamy 'til the last drop.

Beer Aroma Booster, $40, Uncommon Goods

15. Woodzee x Maker's Mark Sunglasses

Drink in style.

Maker's Mark Sunglasses, $150.00 to $157.00, Woodzee