This Girl Was Ghosted By A Guy Right After He Confirmed Their Plans

by Candice Jalili
Kylah Benes-Trapp

This week, we have Alice* who was ghosted by her guy after he went out of his way to confirm their plans for that night. I couldn't make this up if I tried...

Take it from Alice, herself, here:

So I start talking to this guy on Bumble (I know, this was my first mistake), but he didn't have the typical douchey guy pics — no fish and no gym or bathroom selfies — so I figured, hey, why not? Our first date was perfect. The bar closed at midnight, and we stood in the parking lot for an hour afterward, talking, smiling and flirting, until I thanked him for the drinks and called it a night. From this point on, the "good morning, gorgeous" texts start coming in routinely, followed by text convos throughout the day and into the night. I noticed he deleted his Bumble account, and I followed suit. We're both single parents, so finding a free weekend night was tough, but after a month (three weeknight dates and one lunch date), we were able to plan an actual, real-life weekend date! We picked a haunted house, and since he hadn't let me pay for a thing yet (he said he was a gentleman, and ladies don't pay), I sneakily bought tickets for the Saturday night event. I sent him the screenshot of the tickets on Monday afternoon, and he joked about slipping the money to pay for them in my purse. All of our constant texting continued as usual throughout the rest of the week. We both talked daily about our mutual excitement for our real "date night." On Saturday, I received my usual good morning text, as well as texts into the afternoon... At 3:19 pm, he texted, "Still on for 8 tonight correct?"
I confirmed, bought a new outfit, scrubbed my house, waited and waited some more... and then, kept waiting. The jerk never showed up, and I haven't heard from him since.
I wasted $55, my Saturday night and my dignity as I finished off a bottle-and-a-half of red at home, by myself. It takes zero confrontation, awkwardness or balls to simply respond to a text. This guy is an ass.

You guys... I DON'T GET IT.

I mean, I usually don't really understand ghosting in general, but this goes beyond just ghosting. It's just being RUDE. If you make a plan with someone, the rules are pretty simple: You're supposed to show up.

If you can't make it for one reason or another, fine. Life happens. The world keeps turning. But you should let the other person know you can't make it, so you don't just waste their time completely.

It's simple! It's COMMON DECENCY.

Do you get where he was coming from? If you do, FILL ME IN. Or maybe you've had a similar experience, in which case, send it my way!

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*Name has been changed.