3 Reasons Your Bland Text Will Never Get You The Results You Want

by Anonymous

I’d like to eliminate the, “Hey, what’s up?” text from our lives. It seriously does more harm than good.

But apparently, the dudes who send them don’t realize that. I feel like every time I give some guy my number (which I need to stop doing, for real), they try to start a conversation with this over-used phrase.

Fast forward a few weeks, and they’re still starting all conversations with the same, annoying text.

I hope, by the end of this article, anyone who’s in this irritating habit will no longer feel so inclined.

Here are three reasons why “hey, what’s up?” is the most annoying text a guy can send:

1. It’s predictable.

One of the reasons this text is literally the worst is it gets old really fast. After the first three times you send it, I probably started picking up on your pattern. If we haven’t spoken for, like, 24 hours, you somehow feel the need to open up the conversation with this text again.

When you say exactly the same thing time after time, I start to roll my eyes. I’m not an idiot. I know your intentions are to chat with me, but can you at least attempt to switch up your conversation starters?

I mean, honestly. If we’re just beginning to talk to each other, and you’re already this boring and predictable, how am I supposed to picture us together for the long haul?

I’m not expecting you to be a master conversationalist or some kind of creative genius, but maybe throw in a, “How are you?” or, “ What’s going on?” here and there.

2. It’s unoriginal.

The “hey, what’s up?” text took little-to-no thought for you to generate. In fact, a huge part of why I find this text so annoying is because I’ve received it from a variety of guys.

So clearly, I know you didn’t come up with it on your own. Instead of thinking of a clever way to open up a conversation, dudes everywhere tend to resort to this age-old message.

It’s so obvious they put no thought into it at all, but somehow they still expect me -- as the female -- to follow it with an original and interesting text.

Why is it okay for guys to send “hey, what’s up?” every day, but if I respond to it with “nothing much” each time, I’m viewed as bland and uninteresting? I’m not about to go on some feminist rant, but you get the idea.

Conversations work both ways, people.

3. It’s attention-seeking.

This is perhaps the worst part about the “hey what’s up?” text. It’s all about getting a girl to pay attention to you.

It always perplexes me how guys don’t seem to notice how desperate they can begin to look.

This repetitive text is like saying, “Hey, don’t forget about me. I’m still here and annoying as ever. Pay attention to me. Look at me. Give me your affection.”

You know how repetitive songs are extremely annoying? Well, so are repetitive texts. This kind of behavior is honestly childish, and has no conversational value other than to force yourself into a girl’s inbox each day.

If you’ve been messaging me for a while, and you’re not getting the kind of responses you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to reflect a little.

Most likely, I’m not giving you attention because you’re not interesting to me. So, sending the same text over and over is seriously not helping your cause. (Actually, it’s only making you look more needy, which is a major turn-off in my book.)

So, can we all just agree to stop sending, “Hey, what’s up?” to start every conversation with every girl, ever? It’s predictable, unoriginal, attention-seeking and annoying.

Yes, it’s much easier than actually having an original thought or being unique, but that’s kind of the point.