Why My Best Friend Will Always Know Everything About My Relationship

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If you are under any preconceived notions that women don't talk to their best friends about absolutely everything, you are more stupid than we thought.

Sometimes, half the fun of dating someone is being able to dish to our best friends about the drama.

The sex, the laughs, the fights and the stress are all part of the relationship, and they're all part of those sleepover conversations. If my boyfriend and I get into a lousy fight, I'm calling my best friend right away to make fun of him and his idiocy. (Most of the time, I just impersonate him.)

If my boyfriend and I had an amazing night out, my best friend already knows about it because I snuck her a text while I was in the bathroom. If you ever think you have good news to tell me and she's not hearing about it three seconds after the fact, you've got another thing coming.

As much as my boyfriend is one of my best friends, he gets on my last nerve sometimes. It's always nice to have a girl friend be there and know what's been going on with you.

It's comforting and stable. You know she won't place judgement on whatever it is you have to rant about.

Personally, I love being able to tell my best friend everything about my boyfriend. The majority of the time, she agrees with me. If she doesn't, she definitely lets me know why.

Sometimes, when you're on the inside end of a situation, it's hard to be objective and think about the circumstances in an unbiased way. This is where my bestie comes in.

It's nice to have such a good friend bring you back to reality when sometimes, your head is stuck in the clouds (or God knows where else). Needless to say, she knows everything about my boyfriend.

I don't hold back. (There's too much to tell.)

Below are just some of the things my best friend knows about my boyfriend.

1. You farted in front of me.

I will never forget. We were in the middle of a serious conversation, and you thought you could break the tension by letting one rip.

We both paused and started killing ourselves laughing. I was so shocked that's how you decided to break the tension. But I must admit that it was absolutely hilarious.

2. You're not a patient person.

You mean well and try hard to compromise. But, she knows about the fights we get into, and when you're being impatient with me.

Sometimes, it's your way or the high way. So sometimes, I need reassurance that my voice matters, too.

3. You're an amazing kisser.

To this day, I still get butterflies in my stomach when you kiss me. My best friend knows (a little more than she should) about your lips and how well you use them.

4. You get under my skin, and I sometimes don't mean what I say.

We all get into fights with our significant others. Of course, we love to vent to our best friends about them and just get them off our chest.

But there was a particular point in time when you got under my skin so much, I told you that you make me want to be "flesh-less." Who says that to someone they love? Oops.

5. You have different kinds of laughs.

I can always tell when I said something hysterical because you let out this type of laugh I don't hear all that often. You're more of a “laugh on the inside” kind of guy, so I almost pat myself on the back when I hear it.

My favorite laugh is probably when I thought I said something funny (but it wasn't to you), and you would let out this small puff of air. That indicated “good try.”

6. I saw that your ex-girlfriend texted you.

I tried to play it cool. I actually didn't mean to look at your phone when it lit up with a text, but it was just a natural reaction.

I saw his ex-girlfriend's name on his phone. I tried not to react and excused myself.

Immediately, I called my best friend and started my rant about whether or not this should bother me. I don't want to be the psycho girlfriend who doesn't give her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, but I have to vent somehow.

7. We stalked your Instagram and Facebook like it was our day job.

This is definitely not something I like to admit, but after our first date, I told my best friend everything. She knows how nervous you looked coming to my door, when you didn't want to sit across from me at the restaurant and how you kissed me good night.

So, that same night, we decided it would be best to creep every social media site you were on.

8. You said your only way to get through your exam was to cheat.

I honestly wasn't sure if I should slap some sense into you or just let it slide.

I talked about it with my best friend. I wanted to know if it was my place to say anything because I didn't want to be a nag.

It's your schoolwork, not mine. So, I needed to know from her if I was overstepping.

9. You make me happier than I'm ready to admit.

At the end of the day, I am a better person when I'm with you. Despite all the fights and smack-talking I do about you, my best friend knows I am exactly where I want to be.

You're the person I want to be with.

You might not agree with this, and you may be feeling a bit uncomfortable that my best friend knows every detail about you. But, there's nothing I would change about that.

She brings me back to reality when I'm out of line, encourages me to surprise you with an idea I have, holds me when we get into an argument and yells at me when I've done something stupid. She keeps me grounded and level-headed.

I feel like we all need a moment of clarity every once in a while, and she gives me that. Like I said before, sometimes, we are too involved in a situation.

The “right” or “obvious” answer doesn't always seem as clear to us, but my best friend always knows me well enough to set me straight. She helps me admit feelings for you that I may have not been comfortable with before.

This article was written by Kristina Modica for Unwritten.