6 Things You Can Do To Become Better Boyfriend Material

by Jake Newfield

In our mid- to late 20s, we tend to fall into more serious relationships.

We have a better idea of who we are and what we want, and we know what we look for in other people.

While some of us still indulge in unserious affairs, many of us want to find more meaningful relationships and make them last.

For many, the transition between college relationships and adult relationships can be confusing.

The tactics and style you had as a 21-year-old are no longer effective in finding and keeping a girlfriend.

Your suave attitude, charm and humor you used to pick up women in college bars don't work when used in the professional dating scene.

As you are maturing and hoping for your relationships to mature as well, here are six things you can do to become better boyfriend material:

1. Listen.

This might seem like an easy one, but most people don't listen well.

Most people just like to talk about themselves and have other people listen while they speak.

If you want to stand out as understanding, caring and mature, then listen closely when your date is talking.

This will show her you care about what she is saying and that you respect her.

Simply listening while making eye contact can go further than anything you can say.

2. Do what she wants to do.

Rather than trying to be dominant and take charge of the relationship, let her preference guide your actions.

If she wants to see the newest romantic-comedy, then take her.

If she mentions she likes French food, then get a reservation for next weekend.

Making note and taking action on other people's wishes shows them you care and are interested in making them happy.

Now that you're an adult, "acting cool" is no longer cool, but caring is.

3. Become friends with her friends.

Most people will ask for their friends' opinions before seriously dating anyone.

Friends trust each other, and their opinions can be a strong influence when deciding who to date.

When we meet someone new, it's easy to become blinded with infatuation and not evaluate the relationship logically.

Friends can provide this level of logic and objectivity to help their friends think rationally about their feelings.

When you meet your date's friends, it is important you are nice and you act interested in them.

Becoming friends with her friends will bode very well for you.

4. Show an interest in what she does.

As you mature away from your earlier college relationships, you will need to engage with your date on a deeper level.

Forming a bond with her involves more than just sharing a few inside jokes.

Take an interest in her job, hobbies and passions.

Ask her questions and become an expert on things that matter to her.

5. Surprise her.

Some things haven't changed since your earlier dating experiences.

Romance and spontaneity can give your relationship a spark of pizazz that can go a long way.

Surprises don't have to be big; showing up at her house with dinner or flowers can strengthen your bond.

Or, you can plan an event.

Ask if you can pick her up next Saturday night without telling her where you are going.

Spend the night going to a comedy club and walking by the beach.

6. Get outside.

One of the biggest shifts in mature dating is moving away from the typical movie-and-dinner date and doing more wholesome, real activities.

Rather than trying to impress your date by going to fancy restaurants, take her to the ocean or a beautiful and solitary spot nearby.

On the weekend, go apple picking or check out a farmer's market.

Having deep conversations under a moonlit sky will create stronger memories than any "Netflix and chill" session ever could.