The Best Times To Swipe On Each Dating App If You Really Want To Find Someone

by Candice Jalili

How solid is your dating app game on a scale of one to 10?

No matter what number you used as your answer to that question, allow me to do you a solid by using SCIENCE to multiply that by a million.

That's right, science might have been boring in high school, but now, it's behind studies you can use to successfully get laid more often or EVEN — dare I say it — find love.

Wandera, a mobile security platform, looked at 100,000 different devices to find out anything and everything there is to know about the most popular times people use dating apps, like Match, OkCupid, Tinder and Grindr at work.

Now, let's see how we can use their findings to help you get some:

First, let's look into the best time to use your dating apps based on where you live.

The researchers looked into what times of day showed the heaviest dating app usage for users in the United States (green line) and the United Kingdom (blue line).

I mean, what's the point of wasting your time on apps when nobody else is even logged on?

Check out the most popular times for you and your friends across the pond to log on below:


OK, for starters, can I just go ahead and say those spikes at midnight and 10pm for British users makes me think a lot of drunk swiping is going on in Posh Spice's homeland.

That being said, those times are the most popular ones for Brits.

For US users, however, usage seems to spike around 6 pm and then again around 9 pm. What I get from that is a little swiping on your train ride home and right before bed are probably your best bets for actually matching with some solid people who are also online.

Now, let's look at the most popular time to go on each app.



If you're looking for a safe bet in terms of times to log on, the survey found that 11:23 am is the most popular time for users to log on during the daytime.

I KNOW, I KNOW... you're at work during that time. So I say just take a quick, little bathroom break for some swiping.

If you really, REALLY want to up your odds, go on your favorite app at 11:23 am during the week leading up to Valentine's Day, which Wandera concluded was the busiest week for dating apps.

But if you're trying to get super specific about what time to log on based on what your fav app is, Wandera found the most popular times to swipe on Tinder, Match and Grindr were 7:01 pm, 5:20 pm and 11:55 pm, respectively.

The graph below gives you an even deeper time breakdown, so you can perfect your swiping game:


All right, now that I've helped you up your game, can we take a second to talk about the fact that we spend an average of 47 minutes per week on dating apps?!

That's insane, you guys. That's, like, an entire episode of "Empire" sans commercials.

We seriously need to cool it.