Why The Best Relationships Come From Two Broken Hearts

Giorgio Magini

Love happens only once and there's never the same love twice.

I've grown up listening to this since I can remember. BUT I realized your first love, no matter how special, may not last. And don't be sad if it doesn't.

First love is something you should take as an experience, it makes you stronger and makes you understand who you are as a person.

In my case, it made me realize everything I want in my partner and what I don't. So yes, totally heartbroken and having lost faith in love completely, I decided that I don't want to be with anyone and I gave time to myself to recover and lick my own wounds.

Then I happened to meet someone. -- someone who made me realize what I deserve, how I should have been treated and why I should have never put with up with the bullshit that my ex gave me.

It just took me a week to realize something very profound; it takes to broken hearts to appreciate each other. This is why you should give your broken heart another chance (no matter how broken it is).

1. Broken hearts appreciate each other.

Half plus half makes a full. So when a broken heart meets another broken heart, it makes a whole. It beats like the most beautiful thing on this planet.

Two broken hearts appreciate each other for what they've been dejected earlier, and they understand the pain that both the hearts have been through.

2. Broken hearts understand what it means to be hurt.

We've been hurt. All of us have been at some point or the other, but when you love someone who has hurt you like no one's business, you feel like shit.

When two broken hearts come together, they always make sure that they are empathetic and they do everything in their power to ensure that they never make anyone feel like the way they did at some point and that makes the bond so very strong and beautiful.

3. Broken hearts make an unbreakable team.

You know what it means to be in a team?

Its when you can do a free-fall and know that the other person will catch you no matter what.

Because a broken heart will never let go for anything else. It's a total once bitten twice shy kind of a situation. Two broken hearts never ever want to leave their team mate alone.

Being left for someone else sucks even more. Being pushed down the priority list for someone else specially someone trivial hurts the most. And we've experienced all this, hence when two broken hearts comes together, they don't abandon their team because they know how it feels.

4. Broken hearts respect each other.

Respect is the most important thing in a relationship, it may be trivial of some people, but it should be prioritized the most. A broken heart has experienced some of the most lone situations.

Being left alone in a room full of strangers, being made fun of in front of random people for the sake of humor and even been bailed on for a more "fun" plan.

But when two broken hearts come together, they understand the importance of respect for each other. Respect for each others feelings, beliefs, families etc.

5. Broken hearts are the strongest.

We've been ill treated, been with the wrong person and allowed people to walk all over us. That shit, makes you feel small and worthless, but believe me there is a lot of hidden strength you'll gain through the emotional scarring and torture that you have are putting yourself through.

You'll be the strongest person ever, stronger than you'll ever imagine yourself to be.

We've all got an emotional beating in life from someone or the other at some point of our life, its the worst thing ever, but it makes you a better and stronger person in ways you can't even imagine.

And then one fine day, you will meet someone who is equally emotionally beaten and scarred and you both will find so much love in one another, so much affection and solace that you'll forget about all the horrible ways in which you were treated in life.

I did and you will too.