17 Times You Literally Became Drake When You Fell In Love

There's a little bit of Aubrey Graham in all of us.

Drake pretty much embodies the human struggle with matters of romance -- and if you can't relate to Drake, you probably don't have all that much experience with the subject.

It's strange. Whenever Drake releases new music, it always feels like it's been tailored precisely to whatever struggles I might be dealing with in my own life.

When he dropped Take Care, I was just getting over having my first heartbreak. By the time NWTS released, I was fresh off the heels of my second big breakup.

I'm telling you, Drake knows.

But, over time, I realized it wasn't just me Drake knew -- no, that would simply be discrediting the man.

The truth is, Drake knows everyone, or at least everyone who's ever been in a relationship before.

Drizzy has the knack for saying what we all feel because his content matter is so damn relatable.

Don't get me wrong: I wish I was able tell you I could relate to half the sh*t Future raps about -- but Future is spitting about the TRAP -- and Drake is crooning about being trapped in his own emotions.

See, there's a difference there. I find Drake so enjoyable because I can personally empathize with the subject matter of his records.

We've all been heartbroken before. We've all gotten stuck in our own feelings. And when we experience these types of things, we all dig deep for the little Drake inside of us to help us out.

Whether it's listening to his music or trying to think about what Drake would do, we all do our own special Drizzy impression whenever the time feels right.

I mean, we've all tweeted Drake lyrics before hoping someone special would think they're meant for her.

In a way, we become Drake. But, be careful; it's only a matter of time before those Drizzy lyrics become The Weeknd lyrics -- and, at that point, you pretty much know you're close to the edge.

Remember: Feelings can be dangerous.

Here are 17 times you actually became Drake when you fell in love.

1. You are passive-aggressive while texting.

Nothing screams LOVE like passive-aggressiveness, however, Drake takes this idea to new, emoji-filled levels.

You know you're catching some real feelings when you become super neurotic over your girl, but don't want to show her your emotions.

2. You would give your girl your heart, or you would share it like the last slice of pizza.

You're in love. What's yours, is hers -- and what's hers, is, hopefully, yours -- that's what love is all about.

At this point, you're willing to share anything with your love, including your heart, which -- like Drake -- you're down to split like a piece of f*cking pizza.

Not the most poetic sh*t ever, but it's Drake, so it's definitely tweetable.

3. You don't need convincing about how beautiful your kids with your new love will be.

You can't stop thinking about your future children.

So what if you've only been dating for four months next Wednesday? You're in love now, and when it's real, you just know.

And, you know what else you know? You and your significant other would mix well together in your future child's gene pool.

4. You want your girl's hot love and emotion, endlessly.

I mean, it's all you can think about. In the morning, you tell yourself, "Damn, I miss my babe's hot love."

In the evenings, you're craving your boo's emotion. It's crazy. It really is.

It's as if you want your girl's hot love and emotion, endlessly. THIS IS WHAT LOVE'S ALL ABOUT, RIGHT?

5. You have your most intense feelings when you're alone in bed between the hours of 2 and 5 am.

Once the clock hits the middle of the night, it's like a spiritual awakening for you.

Suddenly, you find yourself more sensitive than an erogenous zone with a confidence issue (think about that for a second), which provides the perfect window for you to call up all of your exes and try to convince them they could do better.

6. You start drinking tea and discussing the meaning of love.

Probably not straight from Erykah Badu's house, but, let's be real here: Receiving any type of romantic advice -- over tea -- is pretty Drakey.

Still, love has encouraged you to ask these questions and find out these answers, and things like tea and incense are simply where your head's at right now.

7. You feel the sudden urge to go through your girl's cell phone.

But that's just a result of you paying attention.

Paranoid? Never. You're just making sure your significant other is being real with you.

Pshhh, come on, you know she's being real with you. You think she's being real with you. You hope she's being real with you.

8. You don't want to let another good one go.

Because you know the good ones go if you wait too long. So you become a little bit protective about holding on to her; it's natural.

You just know you can't lose her. You're so sorry. You're so selfish. Uhhhh, I been chillin' in the city where the money's thro -- whoops, my bad, got carried away.

9. Next time you f*ck, you don't want to “f*ck.” You want to make love.

You're into feelings now, not orgasms.

10. You've mentioned something to your friends about "saving" her.

You have this idea engrained in your head that you've somehow "saved" your significant other, despite the fact that she's pretty happy, successful and her father might handle the majority of her financial woes.

You're not sure what you're saving her from, but you're really into the idea of being a superhero type figure -- so, needless to say, you run with it.

11. You've been hitting a lot of hookah bars lately.

You know who loves hookah bars? Drizzy loves hookah bars. Then again, what's not to love?

12. You've stood around and watched your significant other cry.

Granted, it’s not only the wrong thing to do -- it’s also a very Drake thing to do.

Hey, when it comes to love, a lot of times sh*t will result in somebody crying.

If you're going to stick around and watch -- put down the popcorn and grab a box of tissues, though, at the very least.

13. You hate sleeping alone.

Ever since you fell in love, you can't sleep by yourself anymore. It's really something else.

You used to love having the whole bed to yourself, so you could roll around and jack all the covers, but that's simply no longer the case.

You shudder to think about those nights when you have to sleep alone. Ugh, “alone,” that word is scary. That word is scary, Virgin Mary.

14. You still remember, pay homage to or write song lyrics about all your old loves.

But instead of "Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree" or "Bria from Beverly Center Macy's" -- you probably stay reminiscing about, like, Betty from Dunkin' on Park Ave or, I don't know, that chick you met once at an 'Essen.

Regardless, you let it be known no "true" love goes forgotten.

15. And you wonder if any of them still think about you... over double-pump lattes and low-fat muffins.

And, while you make it abundantly clear you haven't forgotten about any of your old flames, you also find yourself extremely curious over whether or not they do the same with you.

16. You start asking your girl to stop making so much of an effort.

You beg your girlfriend -- time, and time again -- to just PLEASE, once and for all, take off all of her makeup and put on some f*cking sweatpants!

You're past the point where you care about what your significant other looks like. You're more focused on her soul (lol).

17. You start to bottle your emotions.

Nothing is more Drake-ish than popping bottles, bottling emotions and sub-tweeting your significant other all across various platforms of social media, on which, "at least [you] put it all in the open."

Bottling emotion is what makes Drake, Drake. Although, when Drake does it, he usually opens that bottle after a certain amount of time, and then writes a hit record out of his emotions.

So, although you might not bottle yours up forever (like a super expensive, antique bottle of wine), you at least store them in bottles until the time is right, which is definitely a Drake-like tendency.