'Beauty And The Beast' Actress Had A Fairy Tale Proposal

I'm not crying, you're crying.

"Beauty and The Beast" just happens to be my favorite Disney movie, and yes I do believe in true love.

And SURE, I guess you could say I've seen my fair share of a musical theatre stage. AND MAYBE, this warmed the cold, cold cockles of my heart.

But NO -- I am NOT crying. It's just allergies.

Shut up!

Kaley McLean has always been a Disney fan, so landing the role of Belle, her favorite princess, in her town's musical was already a dream come true.

But her boyfriend, Brenden McNeil, wanted to make it even more magical.

(Audience "awes" in response.)


Just look at that nervous face. I wonder what's going through his mind at this moment. Probably something like:

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my dear sweet God. Panic.

With the help of the show's directors, McNeil took the place of the prince in the final scene of the musical.

McNeil practiced the music, dancing and lines with the show's directors in secret to surprise his now fiancée in front of a sold-out theater.

Like, could you imagine? Not only is this poor guy freaking out about a proposal, but he's got to sing and dance in front of a packed crowd while doing it?

He did not make this easy on himself.

After she said yes (SHE SAID YES!), the couple finished the song and, I assume, rode off into the sunset together where they lived happily ever after.

Kayley said she felt like a "real-life princess." We're hoping the very happy couple have many beautiful years together!

Ah, I'll never forget the first time I was proposed to.

It was in a Burger King parking lot. I was wearing one of those cardboard crowns, and I felt almost like a princess...

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