Backbone Over Booty: 8 Reasons Why Guys Want A Woman With Spine

by Lauren Martin

Human nature may always be somewhat of a mystery, but the male mind is not.

There’s no denying looks change and preferences shift, but when it comes to figuring out what guys want, you've just got to look at the trends. And we, my friends, are swimming in ass.

The big booty phenomenon has left some women on top and others at the gym. We weren’t sure why or when it happened, just that it did. Then, finally, someone explained it to us.

The research is in and we’re happy to say it’s not the booty they’re into ladies -- it’s the spine.

According to the researchers from Turkey’s Bilkent University, men are into women with a 45 degree curve in their spines.

It’s the spine that makes the ass look bigger, not the actual junk in the trunk. Like everything, this is due to evolutionary reasons.

A curved spine represents a woman’s ability to collect food late in pregnancy, as well as give birth with greater ease. But looking past evolutionary and aesthetic reasons, I think there’s another reason men are attracted to women for their spines.

Strong women are attractive. Women with backbone are sexy. Women who know how to stand on their own are desirable.

As much as we like to think it’s about science and evolution, I think there’s another way of looking at it. The spine may be something that accentuates the ass, but it’s also a metaphor for something greater.

I’m ready to talk about what actually makes a woman desirable, which has less to do with her backside and more to do with the strength of her theoretical spine.

She stands up for what she believes in

A woman with spine doesn’t cave under pressure or popular opinion. She has strength and determination in her actions and her ideals.

She can’t be pushed around or stepped on because even though she may have some curve, she stands straight in her beliefs. She’s the kind of woman who isn’t fooled by mass opinion or individual hate.

She gives it to you straight

A strong spine may be intimidating at times, but to her, it’s more important to be real than just another woman telling you what you want to hear.

She may not have all the answers, but she definitely has all real opinions. She isn’t afraid to tell you how she feels or to say what’s on her mind. She may have a soft heart, but her backbone stays strong.

She doesn’t fall easily

She can be pushed down like anyone else, but it takes a lot more to do it. She has strength of character and will. She isn’t going to just take the hits that life gives her and refuse to give up.

Her spine gives her the support she needs to keep going, even when everyone else is trying to stab her in the back.

She’s strong enough to carry your burdens

She carries more than just her own sh*t. A woman with spine carries the load of everyone she cares about. Her spine is full of secrets, betrayals and lots of love.

If she’s walking around with some curve it’s only because she’s bending over backwards for someone.

She puts her back into it

She doesn’t half-ass anything. She goes for what she wants and doesn’t give up until the job is done. She’s the kind of woman who doesn’t just follow her dreams, but fulfills them.

She isn’t worried about the bumps ahead -- she may land on her ass a few times, but she always bounces right back up.

She’s a support system

She’s not just holding up herself, but those around her. Her honesty, strength and loyalty make her the center of many relationships.

Those who love her, orbit around her, using her as the one stable point of which they all hold on to. She's a guiding light, a support system and that extra strength for those who don't have it.

She’s willing to bend over backwards for you... if you treat her right

She may be hard to pry open, but once you do she exposes another world. She stands straight on her own, but given the right amount of love and care, she’ll bend as far as she can for you.

She's got more inside her than she lets herself expose and once you get inside, you'll find more dimensions than vertebrae. She doesn’t just love once, she loves in many ways.

She’s hard to break

You can kick her, knock her down and belittle her, but she perseveres. She is as tough as the vertebrae that hold her together and it will take more than your opinions to bring her down.

While she may seem unbreakable, however, with the hard enough crack or blow, she, like everyone else, can be broken.