The 7 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Avoid In The Dating Pool

Throughout my life, anytime a relationship has ended, someone has always said to me, "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

What was once a dating pool full of great fish that were easy to catch now seems like a vast, empty ocean.

When you cast out your line, the only thing biting your bait seems to be sharks or guppies.

Single ladies, beware: If you catch one of these guys on your line, it would be wise to just throw him back in the sea and keep trying for your prizewinner.

1. The Damaged Goods

There are so many people popping up on the dating scene who were burned by their first marriages or serious relationships.

They are angry, untrusting and bitter.

Every question you ask them is only half-answered because the walls they have built up inside are so high and impenetrable.

Conversations feel very one-sided, and you will forever feel like you are pushing them to open up.

You never really feel like they trust you because of what may have happened in their pasts.

These singles need therapists to deal with their issues, not new mates.

Tread lightly, my friends.

2. The Man-Child

This guy refuses to grow up.

Every night is like a college frat party. Every date involves a beer. Every weekend revolves around his friends.

He is lazy.

He probably works a job you had in college and has no real ambition to do much else.

He is likely a mama’s boy and will expect everything to be done for him.

If you are looking for a mature, meaningful relationship that is going to go somewhere, he isn’t for you.

3. The Guy Afraid Of Commitment

This can be an extension of number two, but not always.

These guys can have great jobs, their own places and generally a lot going for them.

But, they would rather date for 15 years than ever really commit to you.

If you are looking to build a future, this one is going to take some work.

He hasn’t made a life commitment to someone before you, and he likely won’t with you or after you.

This guy is the stereotypical bachelor for life.

4. The Narcissist

Watch out for this one, as these daters will love themselves more than they will ever be capable of loving you.

They generally attract mates who are codependent because they are often so eager to please.

Codependents are generally passive by nature and don’t like to make waves in their lives.

They are often submissive and easily manipulated, while the narcissist is controlling and calculated.

You may not know you are in the midst of narcissists because they come off as charming, romantic, intelligent and flawless in the beginning.

They know it, and they thrive in the environment of your admiration.

These relationships are generally very tumultuous.

Eventually, narcissists convince their codependents they are unworthy of the love of others and break down their self-esteem to give themselves the power they need to thrive.

5. The Booty Caller

These people are dating for one — and only one — reason.

They will start off by saying, “I am not that type of man or woman,” but that’s generally a red flag they are exactly that.

They will try sweet-talking their way right into your bedroom, get what they want and then hit the highway.

The booty caller will likely be checking out other people while on the date with you, not paying attention to a thing you are saying.

Instead of complimenting your mind or personality, his compliments will strictly be about your looks and will generally be suggestive in nature.

If you are looking to hook up, then have at it, my friend.

But if you are on the market for a meaningful relationship, the booty caller will leave you with a notch in your bed post and nothing more.

6. The Mooch

So you finally have a great career and can consider yourself financially stable.

The mooch will prey on women in this situation.

Since women are generally caring by nature, they will try to help their mates.

The mooch will start by needing $1 for a soda here or you to pay for a dinner there, but eventually, he'll say he is too broke to afford anything.

He will promise to pay you back, but he never will.

Instead, he will continue to have car trouble and will need money for repairs, or he'll need you to pay for a ticket he has to pay within 10 days.

Sometimes, you find yourself feeling bad, and you try to help so much that it starts affecting your own finances.

You'll need to take a step back and realize you gave him thousands of dollars, and he has given you nothing but stress and excuses.

7. The Big Talker

This is the guy who makes the big plans.

He will talk about romantic trips you are going to take, a wedding, children and home ownership.

He is all about the talk and never about the action.

Something will always come up, or he'll pretend the conversation never happened to begin with.

He will get your hopes up and let you down so often that you learn to put little to no faith in anything he ever says.

Why do we stay?

Because the plans sound great, and there is always a glimmer of hope they will actually come into fruition.

But alas, you will always just end up disappointed.