If You Want To Attract More Guys, You Should Get A Medium-Sized Dog

by Candice Jalili

Having trouble finding a boyfriend? Try hitting up the animal shelter.

NO, I'M NOT SUGGESTING BESTIALITY. I'm also not suggesting pet shelters are filled with hot dudes.

All I'm saying is, a new study by Petsies showed pictures of potential mates holding dogs or cats to 1,000 people, and they found that holding certain kinds of pets in pictures made people seem significantly more attractive to those who looked at their photos.

Check out the findings for yourself below:


I mean, did you see that?! According to the survey, a woman became almost 7 percent more attractive to dudes if she was holding a medium-sized dog in her pictures.

And that jump of perceived attractiveness was WAY higher for dudes, who were perceived as almost 30 percent hotter if they had a puppy in their arms.

I want to say this sounds like a lie, but after imagining literally any guy I know holding a puppy, and I can't really argue.

For some reason, cats don't exactly have the same ~sex appeal~ as dogs do when it comes to attracting mates for their owners.

My personal favorite statistic out of all these findings? While having a cat made dudes almost 5 percent more attractive, having a cat in her pictures actually made women seem 0.1 percent LESS attractive to others.

That's right. Having a cat in your photos is apparently scientifically proven to salt your game, ladies. When will the crazy-cat-lady stigma end?

I'm not saying it's time to put cute, little Fluffy up for adoption, but I am saying maybe don't put her in all your profile pictures if you're trying to get more Tinder matches.

You really want to up your game? Adopt a medium-sized dog like a Golden Retriever and take a million pictures with it to upload on all your dating profiles. From there, you can sit back, relax and let the matches pour in, baby.

But of course, remember you don't need to adopt any pets you don't want to get a date. This is just, you know, a suggestion for rainy days.