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This dating rumor about 'You's Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold kind of makes sense.

Wait, Are Love And Theo From You Dating IRL? 15 Tweets About The Wild Rumor

Nobody tell Joe.


OK, so rumors about co-stars forming romantic connections off-screen aren’t exactly unexpected — especially when fans have already witnessed their characters’ on-screen chemistry. Still, when dating rumors between You’s Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold started fans of the show were surprised. Many of them took to Twitter to discuss the romance speculation.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from You Season 3. In Season 3 of Netflix’s You, Love (Pedretti) and Theo (Arnold) form a close connection that eventually turns into something more romantic — despite their characters’ age gap. (On the show, Theo is a 19-year-old college student, and Love is a mom in her mid- to late twenties. But IRL, Arnold, 27, is actually one year older than Pedretti, 26.) So although the characters had an obvious spark in the show, there was hardly any speculation about them being anything more than friends — until now.

An Oct. 24 Instagram post from Journal, a celebrity and pop culture website, started the dating rumors. They reported that “sources are claiming that Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold are dating.” But considering no other outlets have corroborated these claims (besides an anonymous tip to Deuxmoi, the gossip-centric Instagram account), and Pedretti and Arnold have kept mum about the reports, this is just a wild rumor — for now, at least. (Elite Daily reached out to Pedretti and Arnold’s reps for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

But the lack of evidence did not stop Twitter from reacting to this dating rumor, and these 15 tweets about the potential romance are *chef’s kiss*.

Whether or not the rumored romance is real, Twitter has already taken the speculation to heart. And I honestly can’t blame them. This rumored couple just kind of works — in a much healthier (and significantly less gory) way than they did in the show.

And although I don’t know how we could see Pedretti and Arnold together again in You (it would require some truly wild plot twists), I’m kind of hoping the writer’s room takes a cue from Twitter and gets inspired by these rumors for Season 4.