This App Predicts Your Relationship's Future, But That May Not Be A Good Thing

by Kate Ryan

Every day it seems a new gadget or technological tool comes out to help us better understand our relationships. While that sounds like a good thing on the surface, it also indicates just how neurotic we've become when it comes to finding and maintaining love.

One new app, StayGo claims to tell the future of your relationship and how long it'll last. According to Complex, it's based on a "complex set of algorithms" that analyze different elements of an existing or potential relationship to help you decide whether to stay or go. It's free on iOS and Android models, so you might as well give it a go, but be advised.

I tried the app, and first of all, it takes a long-ass time to complete the survey. With 20 detailed questions about every facet of your relationship that you have to answer in order to move on, it's not something you can easily squeeze into your lunch break. But for the sake of this review, I committed to answering each question fully and truthfully. At the end of the survey, StayGo rated my four-year, rock-solid relationship as "average," along with the snide comment, "If average is your goal, then congratulations!"

Um, excuse me? Whose goal is it to have an average relationship?? Also, average?! Let me just say that I believe my relationship to be the most rewarding facet of my life. Like any couple, we have issues, but it's the way we address them with mutual love and respect that makes me feel secure and excited about building a life together. Low key, this dude is my anchor. If that's average, then the world is in way better shape than I thought.

Also, depending on what mood you're in, the results can be easily -- and heavily -- skewed. Feeling dismissed by your boyfriend today? StayGo will probably tell you to kick him to the curb. Did your girlfriend just text you a string of cute emojis so now you're feeling all warm and fuzzy? StayGo could convince you to put a ring on it ASAP.

And herein lies the danger: If you're looking for an app to clue you in on your relationship, you probably have bigger problems on your plate. On the other hand, if you're looking for an app to confirm your positive feelings, prepare to be shallowly appeased at best and driven to insanity at worst.

Not everything can be boiled down to a science and spit back out as a convenient percentage. People are complex by nature, meaning no one person can tell you how to feel, let alone a cold, mindless questionnaire. My advice? Go with your gut. It's the only thing we have that our devices don't (along with being alive and having souls and what not). That's an ability no app can compete with.

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