6 Things All Women Hate To See Their Boyfriends Do, As Told By A Man

by Kyle C.

Do you ever have the feeling that women have something against you, but you can't really put your finger on the reason? While all women vary in their taste in significant others, we have some universal dislikes when it comes to the opposite sex.

These apply to f*ck buddies and boyfriends alike. Read them and see what you shouldn't be doing the next time you meet up with bae:

1. You're too flirty.

Ever heard the saying, "When you're heading on too many trails, you get lost?" The same goes for flirting. She'll play the game and love it, but only if you're doing it solely with her. If she spots you flirting with other girls at the same time, she'll know you're just in for any catch, and hence, are not really into her.

This is even worse when in a relationship. She will hate you for perpetually flirting with other women right in her line of sight, and she might even dump you if it becomes too much of a habit. Simply stay focused on one target, and only move on to another if it doesn't work out after a considerable amount of time.

2. Compliments to her friends are frequent.

This is a big one, and you have to play it carefully because you need her friends to like you. But at the same time, you need to show her you believe she's the best of the group (because that's why you're with her).

First, you have to make her friends like you because she trusts in them and is influenced by their opinions. You can do this just by being polite, friendly, funny and an all around a good guy. Secondly, you should address compliments only to her (particularly when it comes to looks).

Pay attention to what she's saying, and let her know she's the one who matters matters most to you. Otherwise, she will start becoming envious, suspicious, confused and (especially if you just met the girl), she will back off. And not in a good way. You like this girl. Don't drive her away.

3. You're painfully blunt.

Speaking bluntly perfectly with your buddies is fine, but with girls, you have to be careful with words.  As the phrase goes, you have to handle women with kids' gloves because they actually pat attention to what you're saying.

Even when in a relationship, never say exactly what's on your mind. Instead of, "That dress make you look fat," try something like, "Why don't you wear the black dress? That really looks stunning on you!" Thus, you'll have her do things your way, while keeping her satisfied.

All in all, you just have to give her a point in the right direction. She'll go for it, as long as she believes it was her call.

4. You're noticeably stuck on your ex.

Let bygones be bygones, and as much as you might feel sorry for a failed relationship, keep it to yourself and move on.

When meeting someone, never talk about your former girlfriends unless she brings it up in the conversation. And when you do talk about them, show indifference and don't stick too much on the subject. Never pity yourself and blame the ex because it will tell her you're desperate.

In a relationship, comparing your girlfriend to your ex is even worse than comparing her to your mom. So basically, showing a woman that you're stuck on your ex will let her know you're not ready to commit.

5. You show your cheap side.

First and foremost, don't be cheap with yourself. Dress well, make sure you smell good and consume equitable priced drinks (going for the cheapest ones won't make much of an impression).

When looking to hook up, you don't have to buy drinks for every girl you meet because that will break your bank. But when talking to a girl for a while (about 15 to 20 minutes is my timeframe) you should make that offer and just buy her a drink.

When spoiling your girl with a gift, choose the middle ground by neither buying the most expensive items on the shelf, nor the cheapest ones. Beware, they can always tell just how much you paid for it and, hence just how much she's worth in your eyes.

6. You're stuck on alcohol.

It's OK to get wasted a couple of times. We all do it. However, a man stuck on alcohol is not reliable and consistent with any action, except drinking. Although some of these types of guys are funny and socially reputed, and some women might hang around them, this will get them nowhere.

A reasonable woman will not trust such a man for a one-night stand because she fears the consequences. She would have even less confidence to embark on a relationship due to the same reasons (embarrassment, exposure, lack of confidence).

So, if you're really stuck on alcohol, you should address it properly before trying to dive into a new relationship.

The next time you find yourself on the cusp of a new romance, keep these six things in mind. Because at the end of the day, you want the woman you're with to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she can trust you.

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