She's One Of A Kind: Why You Should Always Date The Quirky Girl

by Paul Hudson

We’re all a bit odd and peculiar in our own ways -- some more than others. Everyone's quirks are individual, and idiosyncrasies make people so interesting. They're what make us complex and unique.

If you’re looking for a girl in your life, I highly recommend one who's quirkier than what you’re used to.

It’s these sorts of girls who help you crawl outside your comfort zone and live a little more than you would have otherwise.

It’s the quirky ones who make you feel more alive and open your eyes to a part of life that you'd previously ignored. I know what you’re thinking: Quirky isn’t your thing. Baloney.

There’s so many types of quirky girls that you’re bound to find a good fit eventually.

Besides, you’ve been dating non-quirky girls for this long, and you're still single. Maybe it’s time to give the dark side a try.

A little peculiarity in your life does wonders for your soul.

Life is about new experiences, exploration and discovery. Whether you’re exploring the world, your own preferences or other people, having someone in your life who is exceptionally good at facilitating such experiences will only benefit you.

Life is fascinating. As we age, we forget this. We get sucked into the repetition and forget that exploration is essential to life.

And the only real way to understand life is to experience as much of it as possible.

As with all good things, there’s a limit before it becomes counterproductive, however, most upper middle class Americans don't live very exciting lives.

Having a quirky girl to call your own will allow you to see a perspective that is different from yours. The quirkier the lady, the more colorful her perception of our world.

She likely has bits and pieces you’ll want to adapt as your own. You can definitely improve your interpretation of reality.

Quirky is as quirky does -- your life will be anything but boring.

It’s one thing to see the world differently, and it’s another to get to see different parts of the world, of society, of life in general.

Quirky girls have quirky ideas on how to best live life, what to do with their spare time and how to most enjoy themselves.

Of course, quirky and playful aren’t synonymous -- so be careful that her quirkiness isn’t simply craziness. Even though a little bit of crazy never hurt anyone.

If she’s quirky, strong-willed and spontaneous, then you’re in for a hell of a ride.

If she loves you, then you’re going to do unexpected things and go places you never dreamed of visiting.

Find yourself a quirky girl, and let her shake up your life a bit. Even if things don’t work out, you’ll definitely come out of the relationship knowing yourself and the world a little bit better.

Kinkiness is basically sexual quirkiness.

Are all quirky women kinky? Probably not. But break down a few walls, and you may be surprised to see what happens.

It is fair to say, however, that quirky women have an "alternative" way of thinking -- a way that may very well reflect in their sexual preferences.

I mean, we’re all sexual people. People who are boring are usually sexually boring. People who are selfish are usually sexually selfish.

It seems fair to assume that people who are exciting, creative and energetic are sexually exciting, creative and energetic.

You will never smile more or laugh harder.

She’s going to be one of a kind, and you’re likely to love every minute you spend with her.

You won’t have time to get bored. You won’t have time to be boring. You won’t get a chance to just coast through life because you have a partner who keeps surprising you.

If you get along well enough, you’ll find yourself laughing and smiling more than you ever had before. And it's all thanks to her and her peculiarities.

The key to a happy life is to be regularly and pleasantly surprised. Find yourself a quirky girl, and you’ll have a partner who's equipped to keeping you on your toes and having a good time.

Sure, just as in any relationship, you will have your ups and downs, but she’ll likely be so unique and so unlike any woman you've previously encountered.

You’ll be completely mesmerized. Or she’ll have you screaming and running for the hills. It could really go either way...

Life is about adventure; she will be your adventure.

Quirkiness is a very broad term. We most often relate it to an individual who is playful and odd.

In reality, quirkiness is defined by many characteristics, features, tendencies and personality traits.

So yes, not all quirky people are going to float your boat. But find the right kind of quirky, and you’ve got someone who you're not going to want to let go.

We’re all a little odd and a little quirky in our own ways. Find the type of quirkiness that complements yours, and the adventures will be endless.

The greatest adventure possible is the adventure found in the one we love. As that person grows and changes over the years, you begin to see life in a different way.

You begin to understand more and appreciate more. There is no adventure more beautiful than the right woman. If she’s got a little extra quirkiness to her, it’s only for the better.

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