17 Pieces Of Advice From People Who've Gotten Out Of Toxic Relationships


When you're stuck in a sh*tty relationship, it's hard to know what to do.

You love this person. You've invested so much time in this person. But ultimately, the relationship is leaving you with more misery than joy, and you know you have to end it.

Finding the strength to do so, however, can be tough.

What has to happen for you to finally be pushed over the edge? What insult, teardown or mind f*ck does this person have to throw at you for you to find it in you to tell him to go away forever?

Or is your heart so wrapped up in the fantasy of the person you know he's capable of being that you simply can't fathom EVER giving up, no matter how poorly he treats you?

When it comes to matters of the heart and soul, there's no easy answer. Recently, I talked to some people about their worst, most toxic relationships ever and the moment they knew they had to get out of it.

They have some advice for you.

Know your worth.

--Marie, 22

--Kelli, 22

--Christiana*, 23

It's not worth it.

--Farmsworth*, 24

--Gina*, 25

--Lucky*, 25

People don't change.

--Jen*, 25

--Farina, 18

--Michael*, 26

Your friends know best.

--Gina, 22

--Jordy, 23

--Katie, 22

--Katie*, 23


--Sheena, 25

--James*, 23

--Lauren, 20

--Sammy*, 22

*Name has been changed