During an Instagram Live Q&A, Adele responded to a question about her body count in the most iconic ...

Adele Had The Most Iconic Response To A Question About Her Body Count

I’m starting a petition for more IG Lives with Adele.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Adele is far from the most active celebrity on Instagram, but when she does grace us with her presence, we’re all the better for it. On Oct. 9, the singer went live on IG to answer some questions about her new album, 30, but some of the comments were slightly off track... and Adele’s response to one question about her body count quickly became the most iconic moment of the Q&A.

Per Page Six, while reading the question aloud, Adele said, “What’s my body count? What does that mean?” before quickly moving on to another question. Just in case you, like Adele, are unfamiliar, “body count” refers to the number of people someone has slept with. So, yeah, not exactly an appropriate question for a live IG sesh.

Whether or not Adele has actually never heard the phrase “body count,” her answer was proof that your personal life is nobody else’s business. Adele’s oblivious response to the very intimate question stirred up a huge response on Twitter, with plenty of fans laughing at the hilarious moment and Adele’s unfazed answer. And, TBH, these tweets might be even better than the original video. Still, it’s worth checking out.

Twitter’s Reactions To Adele’s Response

Although this might not have been the exact publicity Adele (or her manager) had in mind for her highly-anticipated fourth album, it’s certainly effective. There is no shortage of tweets about the situation, Adele’s reaction to it, and other moments in the IG Live — at one point, she was even asked if she is going to collaborate with Peppa Pig. (She isn’t, BTW.)

While we all wait for 30 to be released (which is supposed to happen sometime in November), please enjoy Twitter’s reaction to the body count question and Adele’s confused response.

Well, if Adele did not know what “body count” meant before, she definitely does now. I’m just hoping this situation doesn’t dissuade her from going live on Instagram again — and soon. Just maybe next time we can keep the questions slightly more PG.