Why Having Dinner With Your Partner Is The Best Form Of Foreplay

by Ivy Bernardo

As women, we are deemed to follow the social norms of being a lady: being home-oriented, keeping our appetites small and our legs closed.

It's time to throw away those gender-biased stereotypes. We are human. We have desires. We are not the delicate flowers society has integrated in our generation's past. The conventional theories as to how women are “supposed” to behave are now nothing other than stories told around a campfire.

Men share the common misconception that they are the only gender that thinks about sex. Many women who haven't embraced their sensuality yet have the tendency of agreeing with them. But women are as equally aroused as men; we're just better at hiding it. This is due to being brought up under the obligations of maintaining our composure as ladies.

Fuck the double standards. When did keeping our legs closed sound more appealing than enjoying the pleasure frequent sex can bring?

If sexuality — a basic human foundation — was supposed to be kept secretly behind closed doors, there would be no aphrodisiacs like food, another aspect to the human foundation that stimulates sexual desire or excitement.

And if you're a guiltless foodie, endless opportunities in the bedroom await you.

Being a foodie — a person with a particular interest in food — is now praised by Gen-Yers. The fact that any gender is capable of satisfying their cravings, guilt-free, sheds light on a new perspective. So what is the link between food and sex? They share a common denominator: the cathartic pleasure we get from indulging in them.

The science behind our cravings for this pleasure all comes down to how much dopamine we're exposed to. While certain chemicals in our brain lead us to feel good after we've consumed a stimulus, dopamine poses the opposite reaction when we haven't consumed one. It awakens a thirst we need to quench. The area of our brain that attracts us to chocolate is the same area responsible for libido (the sexual attraction we feel).

Food and sex come hand-in-hand. As a matter of fact, food is the ultimate foreplay. The sexual connotation behind the act of sharing a meal with someone is derived from chewing, licking fingers and groaning because that bite was so damn good. After having aroused your sexual appetite throughout the meal from sucking on the bones to the slurping of the wine, the only thought consuming your mind becomes devouring the other person's body.

Your eyes wander and lock onto the other person's mouth. You watch as they lift their spoon and bite into their desert, moaning softly, as there is no other way to describe that tiramisu as anything other than orgasmic. That's where food transitions into the ideal metaphor for sex. How else can you please someone so profoundly by putting something inside of them?

The thoughts of sex and food begin developing in your mind, and you aren't sure why you can't wait to incorporate food in the bedroom. It's the epitome of discovering a new nuance in familiar territory. Soon, your mouthwatering desires for food become parallel to your sexual desires.

How can you turn up the heat in the sheets with titillating taste sensations? Your mind begins tracing back to the most common foods used in foreplay: spreading whipped cream on your partner's body, pouring melted chocolate across their skin, wrapping your lips around and biting into those plump strawberries.

This is the subliminal reason as to why dinner dates are so popular. Sometimes dinner is just dinner. However, since almost everyone has a strong affiliation to sex, sometimes dinner is not just dinner. Sometimes, dinner turns into the sexiest form of foreplay.

Now, you have been welcomed into the tangled relationship between food and sex. Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, don't hold back in relishing in the glorious pair.