11 Acts Of Chivalry Every Man Should Perform Regularly, According To A Woman

by Angela Mujukian

Who said chivalry was dead?

I promise there are still gentlemen out there. It's not what they give or what they say. It's what they do.

So guys, keep in mind, it takes two to tango. You have to make sure you're making an effort on your end in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

If you're stumped on how to do that, consider these 11 chivalrous habits, which every man should do on a daily basis.

1. Communicate with her.

Call or text her back. Send her a good morning or good night text. Respond to her in a timely manner.

If she's out at dinner or walking home from work, send her a text and make sure she got home safe to show her you care.

2. Open the door for her.

Always try to do this one.

Also, you don't have to carry her purse for her (seriously, don't), but if she's traveling, do the decent thing and help her with her luggage.

Sure, women are strong and don't need men to help carry bags, but it's the thought and gesture that counts.

3. Make her breakfast.

No, I am not saying we women can't cook, nor are we expecting this to be a regular occurrence.

However, it's nice to wake up to your hubby making you eggs the way you like them.

4. Take the trash out.

It's the little things. Just by making her day a little easier you can make all the difference in your relationship. The little things always add up to bigger things.

5. Stock her fridge with groceries.

Filling her fridge with some food and buying her laundry detergent is more appreciated than the gesture of buying a dozen roses that will be dead in a week.

Sometimes being a practical gentlemen outweighs being a sensitive and romantic partner.

6. Write her a note.

Get her a card or write her a note on your way to work and leave it on the table for her to read. Write something cheerful to make her day or wish her a happy day full of sunshine.

7. Leave room for dessert.

You can always pair the love note with a cupcake. Women have a reputation for loving sweet treats, and there's a reason for it.

8. Have a date night with her Netflix queue.

Yes, you can do it. Plan an evening to watch her favorite shows without any input from you. It'll show her you care about her interests as much as your own.

9. Show her how much she means to you.

Don't just tell her she's beautiful, show her.

Show her how much you appreciate her. And when she asks you how she looks, don't just say “fine” or “good” or “nice."

Do your research, pull out your trusted thesaurus and throw a few other adjectives in there.

10. Give her unconditional love.

Shower her with hugs and kisses. Show her how much you appreciate her.

11. Listen to her.

Let her tell you about how her day went. Pay attention to dates and details. If she has a big job interview coming up, check in on how it went. Ask her how lunch was with her friend Sarah last Tuesday. Check in on how her mother is feeling after being sick last week.

Sometimes the act of you listening and remembering is more thoughtful than any gift you can give a person.

This shows you are not only thinking of them, but care enough to remember the details of their life.

Chivalry isn't dead. I believe in you, gentlemen.

Make chivalry great again.