11 Reasons To Date An Accountant If You've Never Had A Stable Relationship


What's life without an accountant in it? I wouldn't be able to tell you. But, I can propose that accountants are amazing people who add value to our lives by contributing to the balance and stability we all desire.

Accountants are assets in life, as they embrace the traits one needs to build a strong foundation for lasting relationships. Here are the reasons why:

1. Being detail-oriented makes them intuitive.

Accountants spend ample time noticing and extracting deficiencies, inconsistencies, patterns and much more. Analyzing financial statements and the relationships between accounts are their specialties.

They have a keen eye for detail, and as a result, they're intuitive. They will pick up on your behaviors.

They'll notice fidgety people, a lack of eye contact and sincerity (or an absence of it). They will remember things about you.

They are genuinely intuitive toward the people they love. They'll tend to dig for deeper meanings beyond the surface.

2. They're storytellers.

Just like each one of us, numbers have a story to tell. Accountants are able to interpret that story based on piecing together figures and ratios and evaluating account relationships.

Accountants discover the value behind numbers. They realize where there are shortfalls, where things are excelling and where an organization, project or situation is headed.

At the end of each close, a new chapter begins. Accountants have the utmost potential to be the best story written in your book.

3. They're natural problem solvers.

The finest accountants are flexible people who can solve a multitude of issues. They're both logical and creative, but in all the right ways.

If you're going through a problem, talk it through with an accountant. He or she can easily discuss the situation on a rational level, while still having a handle on the importance of your emotions.

4. They appreciate their space, and they are therefore able to give you yours.

Deadlines, closes, reporting and year-end audits: These are some of the many processes accountants are faced with on a regular basis.

Days get long, and lunches are often eaten at one's desk. Accountants appreciate the time they have to focus on the tasks that need to get done. They build a solid tolerance to stress.

These quiet moments are often reflective, and accountants therefore understand the importance of your personal space. They enjoy their own.

But, be sure not to mistake their silence for disinterest. They appreciate fielding the moves made by others from time to time.

5. They crave adventure.

Accountants also seek adventure. Sedentary work will eventually bore a person, so the need for movement becomes urgent. Adventure equalizes those desk-bound days.

6. Some use creativity to offset their analytical ways.

Accounting is often associated with undesirable stereotypes. It's a profession that tends to be overlooked when it comes to areas of creativity or enthusiasm. It is labeled stressful, bland or nerdy.

The truth is, sometimes, it really does suck to plan vacations around the end of the month every single time. But, all of this is not enough to discount the profession in its entirety.

Many accountants have their own creative outlets to offset their analytical work. A healthy balance between left and right brain thinking allows for the best of both worlds.

7. They're patient.

They'll be patient with you, too. Most accountants understand the pain of slow systems, especially when they have to generate lengthy reports or open large files.

Day in and day out, these people must remain as patient as possible as they crunch numbers and bring their spreadsheets and files to a balance. This enables accountants to tolerate inconveniences gracefully in other areas of life, too.

8. They manage their time wisely.

This one is simple: There's a lot to do, so they don't like to waste time. Therefore, they won't waste yours, either. They'll lend a helping hand and get work done along the way.

9. They appreciate the little things.

A small plant on the desk or a hand-written Post-it note exchange might sound like insignificant details, but on a wider scope, they add value, personality and excitement to office-type landscaping.

We notice your small gestures. We are just as happy with them as we are with the bigger gestures.

10. They understand the difference between money and value.

On the surface, money looks valuable. But how that money is earned, where it's invested and how it forms itself against others' needs is the true reward.

In any given situation, money should not the ultimate goal. Money without meaning or a positive intention often becomes destructive. One should be in service to people in the best possible way. Then, the money will follow. The best people want to spend your time, not your money.

11. They understand that opposites attract, and they are able to balance them out.

People who are not accountants complement an accountant's deficiencies accordingly. This is what it comes down to. At the end of the day, it's always about balance.