4 Ways To Deal With Being The Only Single Girl In Your Friend Group

by Nicole Germany

If you’ve never been in love, the constant chatter of what an incredible feeling it is becomes obnoxious when left on repeat.

For those of us who have never experienced the true bliss of being in love, it’s rather easy to become cynical.

Love doesn’t play out like it does in the movies; love is messy and scary.

Most of all, love sucks when you’re the only single person in your group of friends.

But, do you really want to be that pessimistic friend who doesn’t believe in love?

I’ve been there, and I’m sure plenty of you have as well.

I consistently have to put my insecurities aside while trying my best to give a non-biased opinion when it comes to relationships.

The underlying problem in this equation is envy. No matter how hard we single people try, it’s a feeling that isn’t easily ignored.

The fact of the matter is our happiness has a lot to do with the people with whom we surround ourselves.

If we have someone next to us to vent to about the lack of intimacy in our lives, it makes being single a tad bit easier.

On the other hand, if our grandma is the only who knows about our dating problems, chances are we won't be too stoked about the whole idea of love.

When bashing love, proceed with caution. Keep in mind when people tell you to "be patient," they’re normally right.

So, before your single status shines through, consider these four steps:

1. Do put yourself in their shoes.

Do you have a friend questioning whether her relationship is "right?" Is she trying to decide if moving in together with her significant other is the right move?

Before you give your advice, put yourself in her shoes. Consider how you would feel in the situation, and try to give a solution that works best for her.

Don’t influence a final decision.

Instead, talk through the issue with her.

2. Do be supportive.

Even though it’s hard to listen to the same relationship problems repeatedly, it’s important to show that you truly do care for your friend in need.

Be compassionate, and understand if the roles were reversed, you’d hope your group of friends would be there for you as well.

Don’t get annoyed when they complain about the little things.

As a friend, your role is to be there in a time of need, and in most cases, they just need someone to vent to.

3. Do set boundaries.

In any kind of relationship, it’s important to set boundaries. If there’s something you’re tired of discussing with a friend who's in a relationship, let her know.

The easiest way to do so is to explain that your opinion may affect the way she feels, and you’d rather not change her mind based off of your thoughts.

Don’t always be on her team.

It’s almost instinctual for us to always come to a friend's defense, but as an outsider, you can help her see both sides of an issue.

4. Do try to be optimistic.

Even though it’s hard being the single friend, we have to at least try to believe in love for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

Don’t convince your friends the single life is the way to go every time something goes wrong.

(Though we all love a drunken night of collecting random strangers' phone numbers.)

If a friend is happy being in a relationship, then support her.

Before you become the cynical single friend of your inner-circle, reconsider your thoughts and advice. Remember you will eventually find your perfect match, too.