If You Accept My Crazy, Then We'll Have A Successful Relationship

When it comes to a relationship, "perfect" hardly ever exists -- at least in the conventional sense.

Striving for perfection in romance often leads to us thinking that nothing lives up to our expectations.

Our standards become unrealistically, astronomically high, to the point where no human being can ever reach them.

We set ourselves up for failure. We never truly experience happiness because we're always striving for something we think could be better, more ideal, "perfect."

Ironically, a perfect relationship is not one in which everything is perfect, in which both people never make mistakes, never have flaws or never engage in disagreements.

A perfect relationship happens when both people accept each other for exactly who they are -- including every mistake, every flaw and every disagreement.

It happens when acceptance becomes more important than perfection.

And there's scientific evidence that supports this: A recent study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that when your partner fully accepts your desire to "self-expand" -- to take risks, to challenge yourself, to learn new things, to better yourself overall -- then your relationship will improve.

Previous studies have shown that engaging in a self-expansion activity with your partner leads to relationship satisfaction, but this study suggests that your partner merely encouraging you to do what you want is enough to cultivate that same satisfaction.

If you want to travel to an unfamiliar city, explore a new hobby or meet new people, your partner should actively support you.

It's not enough for him or her to just let allow you to do it; he or she needs to eagerly accept you, to excitedly encourage you, to verbally demonstrate support for your self-expansive efforts.

It's the active confirmation that your partner supports your crazy endeavors that helps your relationship prosper and flourish.

We all have our quirks, our idiosyncrasies, our strange habits, and this study is further proof that if you and your partner accept and love each other for who you are, your relationship will be successful.

When your partner lets you know how much he or she fully accepts every part of you, you will feel more positively about the relationship -- and you will feel more encouraged to live your truth in other ways, too.

If you accept that I'm spontaneous, then you'll never be bored.

If you accept that I can easily change my opinion, then we'll always have good conversations.

If you accept that I innocently flirt sometimes, then you'll know my heart is guilty of beating only for you.

If you accept that I can be late sometimes, then you won't be disappointed in me when I am.

If you accept that I'm an unconventional person, then we'll be a more creative couple.

If you accept that my outlook on life is different from yours, then you'll always learn something new.

If you accept that I'm a dreamer, then I can inspire you to follow your own dreams.

If you accept my ups and downs, then I'll be sure to build you up and go down on you often.

If you accept that I like to go out and party, then I'll be happy to stay in some nights with you.

If you accept that we might have disagreements, then our make-up sex will be amazing.

If you accept that I'm hot-headed, then we can channel that passion in the bedroom.

If you accept that I act with my emotions, then you'll always know how much I love you.

If you accept that I'm all over the place, then I will take you all over the world.

If you accept that I'm a free spirit, then I'll never tie you down.

If you accept that I'm a highly sexual being, then you will always be satisfied.

If you accept that I might text you a million times a day, then I won't mind if you forget to respond sometimes.

If you accept that I'm always down to try new things, then I can encourage you to break out of your comfort zone.

If you accept that I need reassurance, then I'll always tell you how I feel, too.

If you accept that I'm outspoken, then I'll be sure to respect your opinions.

If you accept the fact that I can ramble a lot, then I'll always listen to what you have to say.

If you accept that I can be jealous sometimes, then you'll know you'll never lose me.

If you accept my impulsiveness, then we'll never have the same day twice.

If you accept my recklessness, then our life will always be an adventure.

If you accept that I'm wild, then I will be the one who sets you free.