Why A Big Heart Is The Only Thing You Should Look For In A Woman

by Paul Hudson

There are seven billion people on this planet -- half of whom are men. But most of us have an incredibly difficult time finding someone to love.

With so many options, you would think finding a life partner wouldn’t be such a difficult task. But that’s the problem with having too many options; we can never make up our minds.

Either we're holding out for the "truly great" person around the corner (who probably doesn't exist) or we're chasing after people who are not good for us. We seek out the ones who hurt or worry us. We chase after poison.

We live in a world filled with seven billion addicts who rarely -- if ever -- know what's good for them.

It’s funny, if you think about it. We say we want peace and comfort, but once we achieve it in a relationship, we get bored and begin to worry. We question whether the love we once had still exists, because the glue that held it together -- the novelty, mystery and excitement of it all -- has dried up.

With all of us being so incredibly flawed, it’s no surprise we can’t manage to make relationships work. We’re driven primarily by our egos, which have little place in a partnership.

We’re egocentric, naive and greedy adrenaline junkies trying to find someone to help us hold it together.

But maybe that’s why we have each other. Maybe we need to stick together -- give one another a hand when times get tough. Because times are always tough.

Maybe you’d be better off staying away from the people who poison your life. Maybe you should find someone who has enough love in her heart to keep both of you from falling apart.

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, but the most beautiful quality any woman can have is a huge heart. Because no matter how many wrinkles the years carve into her face, her heart will forever be young and full of life.

The bigger her heart, the more love she has to give.

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of, it’s love.

You want a woman who will be there for you when life kicks you down. You want someone who will give you advice or a helping hand. Whether you're worried, sad or happy, she's there. You need a woman with a huge heart.

Being such a loving person lets her share in your joys. She makes you feel less alone. A woman with such a big heart will love you with all of it, and that's more than you can ask.

The bigger her heart, the better you'll be.

Love has a way of spreading. It can make your day brighter. And if you're happy, you can brighten someone else's day.

Having someone by your side who is full of love and care will make you a better person. You will begin to see the world through her eyes. And it won't be a world filled with darkness; it will be full of kindness and beauty.

You’ll treat people differently. You’ll be happier than you've ever been before. Because as far as you’re concerned, you’re with the most incredible woman in the entire world. There may be seven billion people in this world, but you’ll feel like the luckiest of all of them.

The bigger her heart, the stronger your relationship.

Loyalty, trust and respect are all products of love. You will only ever fully trust someone whom you love and who loves you back. You will stay loyal only if you love the man or woman you’re with.

Of course, we all make mistakes. But having someone in your life with a huge heart will make it unlikely that you’ll do anything even potentially hurtful.

It’s easy to hurt people who we think of as "bad." They're people we don't like. They treat us and others poorly.

We love the concept of "an eye for an eye," the truth is that hurting, deceiving or plain mistreating someone with a huge heart -- someone who is genuinely a good person -- is very hard.

If you want a woman you’ll never want to hurt, then find yourself a woman with a big heart. She’ll make your life 100 times better.

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