19 Reasons Why Girls Who Run Are More Dedicated And Loyal Lovers

by Ashley Fern

A girl who runs may be the best type of lover out there.

She's beyond willing to go the distance when it comes to virtually anything in the relationship.

She won't give up when the going gets tough. In fact, it will just cause her to work harder.

There's always a finish line in her mind, and she will do absolutely everything in her power to cross it.

The thing about marathon runners is most of them hate the act of running, which is probably the reason they are so good at it — they want the race to be over as fast as possible.

After discussing this with many runners, it seems to be the general consensus.

What does that say about these people's personalities?

They don't like something but do it anyway and to the best of their ability for the sake of an accomplishment.

That's sounds pretty f*cking impressive if you ask me. And wouldn't it be natural for this to translate into friendships and relationships?

So why else are runners the ideal partner?

1. She will always go that extra mile

When it comes to making an effort, you can bet your girl will always be making one.

In fact, she will go above and beyond anything you would ever expect.

2. Obstacles don't stand in her way

Obstacles don't dissuade a runner. Instead, they do the complete and utter opposite.

Why? Because a runner is so used to breaking down and crushing barriers.

3. She doesn't trip when trying to achieve a goal

Once your girl has her eyes set on a prize, there is no changing her mind.

Setbacks don't prevent her from getting what she wants; they just makes her work that much harder.

4. Her endurance is unlike anything you've ever seen before

You may not be able to keep up with her, but that's what makes for such an exciting relationship.

She is always pushing you to test your limits while encouraging you to do so.

5. She's got a great ass

Does this need any further elaboration? Running works and tones the glutes, and honestly, we couldn't be happier about it!

6. She loves to sweat

While other girls complain about less-than-ideal temperatures, your girl isn't even fazed.

Plus, all of her favorite activities involve working up a sweat.

7. She has a can't-stop, won't-stop mentality

Once this girl has something on her mind, there is no letting it go. She never does anything half-assed and won't stop until she reaches her full potential.

8. She isn't deterred by a little bit of pain

Pain is a common theme for runners, which is why she handles it so well when it comes up in her personal life.

Too many people get defeated by painful situations; runners simply grow from them.

9. She's used to cramping

PMS may break some women, but a runner knows this pain pales in comparison to runner cramps.

And as all of us females know whether we run or not, there really is no pain quite like cramps.

10. She knows how to be the one in control

Sometimes we need to take a backseat in relationships and let our partners take control.

Unfortunately, this is not always easy, but in this relationship, there is absolutely nothing to worry about — you know she's got your back.

11. She can successfully tune out bullsh*t

There is really no better feeling than clearing your mind. Sadly, most people are unable to do this, but runners must perfect this, or they won't be successful in their endeavors.

12. She won't stop until she's finished

There is no quitting when it comes to runners. In fact, they thrive on the end result.

You can be certain that when problems arise in your relationship, she will tackle them head on.

13. She thrives out of her comfort zone

There is no greater feeling than successfully pushing your body to its limits.

Your body really is an amazing force, and it's overwhelming to see the crazy sh*t it can do.

14. She understands commitment

And isn't that the most important aspect of any relationship?

15. She doesn't believe in quitting

Any problem that comes up in your relationship will be resolved in one way or another.

Runners don't believe in quitting, and you're lucky to be involved with someone who feels so strongly about every aspect of her life.

16. She will never let herself go

Once you see the effects exercising has on your body, it's hard not to continue what it is that got you that way.

Rest assured, your runner girlfriend will always look good — especially when she's naked.

17. She will always encourage you to get off your ass

Your girl will never let you rest on your laurels. Instead, she will push you harder and harder because she knows exactly what you're capable of.

This is an amazing thing to have in a relationship because it's far too easy to get stuck in a miserable rut.

18. She understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle

She's great motivation for you to take better care of yourself.

19. She's just happier

Did you know runners experience a high similar to people who take drugs? Don't believe me? Good thing science backs it up.

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