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9 Women Confess Things Guys Do That Make Them Seem Sketchy As F*ck

In a Tinder world, there are so many opportunities for dudes to be total creepers. It's almost as if it's so easy they can't not be sketchy douchebags.

But other times, men don't realize what they're doing is sketchy as f*ck.

Take it from these Reddit ladies to know what's really off the table when it comes to modern courtship.

Reddit user AbsoluteZero_ posed this question under the AskWomen thread:

What have guys done that made you want to stop talking to them?

Some answers were unsurprising, from stalker vibes to serial text offenders; others were just plain out there. We're talking out-of-this-galaxy out there.

Keep scrolling, guys and gals, either for some helpful dating advice or an opportunity to commiserate.

You seriously can't make this sh*t up.

If you're going to break into my kitchen, at least make good chili.


Wherefore art thou being so effing annoying?




Ooh, damn, get me that bro's number. (<--Get it?!)


The movie's called "Showgirls," not "My Face."


How do you say goodbye in Dipshitese?


So many levels of "ah hell no" in this one.




Here are 6 signs you should actually call the cops.


In all seriousness, though, stalking is a crime. Here's a useful guide from the government to help you protect yourself next time a Tinder date takes you to Psycho Town.

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