9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Definitely About To Propose

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Figuring out when your significant other is going to pop the big Q may be harder to figure out than the ending of the latest season of "Game of Thrones."

You might think it's going to happen on the latest vacation you two plan together or sometime during the next major holiday with your friends and family. But even if you try to predict when you'll be getting that ring, you may never truly be able to put your finger on it.

While I've never been engaged before, or even close to having a guy ask me to marry him, let alone ask me on a fourth date, I have been the go-to person for guys to consult when they want to plan the ultimate proposal for their girlfriends.

Sometimes, my friends' boyfriends will ask me questions — incognito — about where to buy a diamond or what makes the proposal a memorable one and not a disaster.

Even if they say they're merely doing research for the future or just asking to ask, I can almost put my finger on the exact week they'll pop the question. You might even call me a pro at predicting when a guy is going to propose.

Granted, that's what happens when all of your friends get married before we're legally able to rent a car and you become a “professional bridesmaid."

So if you're looking to get ahead of the surprise and figure out if your engagement happening anytime soon, there are some ways to investigate your guy's behavior to see if he's in the process of planning how and when he's going to ask you to marry him.

To ease your mind, here are nine signs he's about to propose:

1. He's scoping out your jewels.

Suddenly, the jewelry section of your room piques his interest, and he's asking questions about the style of accessories you like to wear. Are you more of a gold, silver or white gold person?

Perhaps you even notice he's taken a ring or two of yours to find out what size you are.

Either way, what was once an area of your room he avoided entirely is now a hot spot, grabbing all of his attention when you're not looking... or when he thinks you're not looking.

2. Your parents and friends are acting giddy.

It's not your birthday, and it's not a major holiday either, yet your friends are acting extra giddy and excited around you.

They're passing hints that this year is going to be the best year yet, and they are treating you like you just won some kind of major award, when really nothing major has changed in your life.

3. He wants to talk about the future.

All of a sudden, the future no longer freaks him out. In the past, when you would talk about booking a trip a year in advance or even joke about the names of your future kids together, he would get choked up, change the subject or even tell you to live in the moment and not plan too far ahead.

All of a sudden, the future no longer freaks him out.

But now, he's asking where you want to go for New Year's Eve 2018 and saying "Dustin" would make a great name for your future baby boy.

4. You notice he's saving money.

He used to be a big spender, dropping money on date-night dinners and weekend adventures, but he's starting to save his cash and cutting back on careless purchases or things he'd normally splurge on for himself.

He's working harder to make more money, and he's working even harder to keep that money sitting pretty in his bank account.

5. Someone is making you a nail appointment.

Suddenly, your roommate, sister or best friend is urging you to get your nails done with her.

Before, they were always busy or simply not in the mood to gossip with you at the nail salon. But now, they're trying to get you to clear your schedule or make time during your lunch hour to make an appointment to get a gel manicure done ASAP.

6. Your partner is getting sentimental.

Maybe in the past, he totally snoozed through your anniversary or forgot where you went on your first date.

Lately, though, he's always taking a walk down memory lane with you, reliving some of the moments from earlier parts of your relationship that even you started to forget.

7. He's feeling lots of nerves.

You're noticing the guy who walks around like nothing fazes him is suddenly a ball of nerves. It seems like he's pacing around the room more or going for long walks.

You're noticing the guy who walks around like nothing fazes him is suddenly a ball of nerves.

You also find he's sweating more profusely and always fidgeting with his hands.

8. Weddings seem like a joy.

You both used to roll your eyes during engagement season when other people's "save the dates" would fly into your mailbox.

Now, he's collecting the handful that come this year with a big smile and a great attitude toward celebrating the love of a distant relative or decent friend of yours.

9. He's trying to chat with your parents.

He's booking a trip to go see your parents or FaceTiming them without you sitting close by for backup. And suddenly, he's taking an interest in planning a Sunday football-watching day with your pops or taking your mom out for brunch.

Enjoy every moment of your guy being the most vulnerable and nervous they'll be in their whole life.

So what should you do if you feel your man is about to propose? Well, you should try to remain calm. Pretend you don't feel it coming and enjoy every moment of your guy being the most vulnerable and nervous they'll be in their whole life.