9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Man Bun

by Nina Giordano

Man buns: They're rugged, sexy, perfect for fall and taking over the Internet (with which I am totally okay).

I've spent some time with some man buns throughout the years, but never considered dating someone who wore one. I guess you could say the idea was sitting in the dark depths of my mind for a while, and didn't come out to play until recently. I'm totally not hating it.

If you've never dated a guy with long hair before, here are some reasons why you might want to reconsider.

1. You'll Always Have A Hair Tie

For me, this is one of the most important reasons. How many times have you been out of your apartment or at a party when your hair tie breaks?

It's tragic, especially when you use the same one for an extended period of time, ensuring the stretch it has is perfect for your three-loop ponytail.

When you have a man-bun man in your life, you'll always have access to hair ties. Sh*t, he'll even mourn a lost hair tie with you, and then offer his own to replace it. How kind!

2. He Can Double As An Instant Blanket

Sometimes, an extra layer of sheets just doesn't cut it. When you can cuddle up close to your man and let his luscious locks flow, you have your hands on 100 percent natural comfort.

Go ahead and take a whiff; we won’t tell.

3. Practicing New Hairstyles Has Never Been So Easy

Having a hard time sharpening your french braid skills? What about that new curl you wanted to try, but just couldn't perfect? If your man is game to be your at-home hair model, you can test out all of those Pinterest pins you've been waiting to do on yourself.

Come on, doesn’t that waterfall, zig-zaggy thing look intriguing?

4. He Understands Hard Work And Dedication

Growing hair takes a lot of patience, and long hair isn't easy to keep. In any relationship, there are always struggles and differences. If he has the ability to grow his flow, he most likely has the patience to deal with you (and vice versa)!

5. He Is Your In-Home Beauty Advisor

With thousands of hair products out there, how can you make sure you're using the right stuff?

When you have a man-bun man in your life, you essentially open up your beauty cabinet two-fold: twice as many brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

I was hanging out with a friend last week (owner of a man bun, obviously), and he had no idea what dry shampoo was. Not only can you educate each other with tips and tricks, you can also trade products and see what works best for you.

Plus, with both of you taking care of your locks, it’s totally okay to splurge on that special tea tree oil from Whole Foods. (YAAAAAAS!)

6. Newfound Access To Around-The-Clock Massages

When you come home stressed from work, wouldn't you love a thorough scalp massage? It’s relaxing and easy one-on-one time. It’s also not a bad excuse to get handsy (but save the after-massage activities for when the doors are closed).

7. You Can Get Away With Leaving Hair In The Shower

Okay, this one is gross, but now that I've said it, do you understand what we've come up with here? I live with a short-haired guy now and he always gets upset when I leave hair in the shower.

I always try to get rid of it, but some strands are bound to go rogue. If you and your man have different colored hair, this might be a little more difficult to avoid. But, even then, hooray for laziness!

8. No More Solo Salon Trips

Nobody likes to go to a hair salon alone. If you and your man are in dire need of a trim, take a trip together! It's a great way to spend time with each other, get a fresh cut and look fabulous!

Plus, who else would you want to look your best for beside your special somebody?

9. He’s Probably A Great Guy, Anyway

Go with your gut on this one. A guy is always more than just his bun!