Victor Torres

8 Guys Admit Why They Will Never Get Married


While some guys spend a lot of time secretly thinking about how their wedding will look when the time comes, other men are pretty legit about sticking their tongue out at the idea of matrimony or spending the rest of their lives with one chick.

For some men, the idea of having a wedding and saying "I do" just seems like an ancient, expensive tradition that should be erased. For more, the idea of growing old as a bachelor is music to their ears and they never want to tie the knot.

Check out why these eight guys won't tie the knot.

1. What we have is great.

--Michael C., 31

2. I don't have the cash.

-- Henry G., 28

3. The idea of forever trips me out.

-- Kyle B., 24

4. I want to keep my options open.

-- Phillip M., 25

5. I'm not sure anyone is "the one.”

-- Ben P., 26

6. I strive to be the bachelor.

-- Greg Q., 25

7. I'm scared of getting my heart broken.

-- Rick W., 28

8. Marriage is the least bro-like thing ever.

-- Nick G., 23