8 Reasons Why Both Guys And Girls Are Guilty Assh*les In Dating

by Candice Jalili

I’ve heard it too many times: One guy rejected you, and, suddenly, the entire male population is evil; one girl cheated on you, and, suddenly, every girl is a demonic whore.

Here’s a thought: What if we’re all just assh*les? What if both males and females are equally capable of being total and utter douchebags when it comes to the dating game?

It is important to note that I don’t believe every single human being is an assh*le. But, I do think we are capable of being assh*les.

Here are the eight best reasons why guys and girls both are assh*les when it comes to the dating game:

1. We both want the upper hand.

It’s not called the dating game for nothing. It’s a game and whether you are a male or a female, you are playing to win.

What constitutes winning? Control. How do you gain control? Having the other person be more into you. When we don’t have the upper hand, we love to lament: “Ugh, guys are such assh*les… the minute they have our attention, they stop giving a sh*t.”

Yeah. That particular guy might have been an assh*le.

But, I would bet a significant amount of money that there’s a very nice guy to whom you are being a total dick because you’re busy chasing the douche who won’t give you the time of day.

2. We both f*cking love the chase.

This brings me to my next point: Guy or girl, we’ve all experienced it. You’re not that into someone for the longest time and the minute you start showing any sort of interest, he or she is completely over you.

Suddenly, all girls are bitches because this one girl liked the chase more than she liked you. But here’s the truth: We all love the chase.

Guys will always go for the icy girl who doesn’t give them the time of day just like girls will always go back to that one douche who booty calls them every Saturday at 2 am.

What happens when you finally get the icy bitch who’s rejected you 37 times? I’ll tell you what happens: It’s exciting at first, then it gets boring. You’ve spent the past year in this hot pursuit and now, it’s over. So, you get over it.

The same goes for the girl and the douchey player. You spent the past four months throwing yourself at this guy who literally would not give you the time of day. Now that you have him, the excitement is gone and it’s BORING.

Now, it's your turn to be a douche and move on to the next guy who won’t give you the time of day.

3. We both overthink everything.

Girls get a lot of heat for this one. He called you “babe,” so obviously, he wants to be your boyfriend.

He took two hours to respond, so he obviously hates your guts and wants to end things now.

But, GUYS DO THIS, TOO. She has a boy in her Snapchat story, so obviously, she’s f*cking him.

She took forever to respond to your text, so she obviously spent that time f*cking that guy from her Snapchat story.

4. We both play games.

Again, it’s not called the dating game for nothing. We are constantly doing weird sh*t to “win” in this psychotic game we play against the person we are currently trying to pursue.

He took an hour to respond to your text? You’re taking three to respond to his. She hooked up with someone else? You’re hooking up with her best friend.

5. We both like to play the field.

“He’s a player.” “She’s a slut.” No. When given the opportunity, both men and women are guilty of playing the field a bit.

Go ahead and hate him all you want for hooking up with those three hot girls at the same time, but I have a strong feeling that if you had the opportunity to mess around with three hot guys at the same time, your moral compass might not be quite so strong.

6. We both give our friends way too much information.

You guys have sex for the first time and it’s magical and great and so intimate, but the minute you shut the front door behind you, you know every boy in that house got a detailed account of all your sexual preferences.

Similarly, you finally work up the courage to tell her you love her, and you know the precious info will immediately get blasted to all of her group texts with her besties (and probably her mom) within the next 30 seconds. We are both blabbermouths.

When dating someone, just accept the fact that there are probably about 10 other people dating you vicariously through your significant other.

7. We both are terrible communicators.

The dating game requires us to mask our real feelings. Sometimes this happens in order to spare the feelings of our partners and sometimes, it's to spare our own. This results in absolutely terrible communication on both ends.

You ask her what she wants out of this and she gives you answers that leave you even more confused than you were before you asked in the first place. He responds to your texts with things like “Sorry, I’m just f*cked in the head.”

WTF does that even mean?? Odds are, he doesn’t even know. Communication gets tough when the main goal is to not say what you really mean.

8. We are both crazy.

If the past seven reasons did not serve as proof enough, let me put it into simpler terms for you: Liking people in today's world can drive both parties nuts.

So stop blaming the opposite sex for problems and start accepting the fact that, even if you are not nuts, there are plenty of members of your own gender who are.