8 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Girl Who Rocks Red Lipstick

by Zara Barrie

There is just something about a girl who fearlessly rocks RED lipstick. And when I say RED, I’m not being exclusive to the literal color red (I wouldn't dare be so unimaginative) -- I’m referring to the myriad of colors that fall into the unapologetically BOLD category.

Your version of the "red lip" can be an intimidating, ever-luxurious purple, to a sexy velvet-textured crimson, to a berry so deep it reads almost black when lit by the soft glow of candlelight.

For the purposes of keeping it simple, all of the aforementioned colors will reside under the umbrella of RED, whilst in the duration of this article.

Deepest apologizes ladies, but the tender tones of petal pink, coral, tangerine, beige or anything that might be described as “pastel” needn’t apply.

For today, we’re celebrating the bad b*tches of the lipstick world. We’re going to break down why ladies, who rock these “in-your-face” lipsticks, absolutelypositively win at life and make for far superior lovers.

1. She's not desperate to kiss you (which makes her so irresistible).

Anyone who has ever ventured into the world of youth-infested nightlife has bared witness to the overabundance of girls wearing their desperation directly on the skin-tight sleeves of their polyester bodycon dresses.

What makes these girls so transparently overeager is the non-committal sheer lip gloss gleaming from their basic lips, which they're OBVIOUSLY wearing out fear of scaring off the unfortunate souls they're attempting to lock lips with at 4am.

They're scared of getting lipstick on your face.  How lame and desperate can you get?

The girl in the red lipstick quite frankly doesn’t give two sh*ts if she makes out with anyone at all. That’s not her mission; that’s not why she’s there.

She’s simply at the club to look fabulous, hang out with her friends and meet interesting people.  She also knows that if she were to kiss anyone, they would enjoy a little of her red lippy on their body (I mean it's an honor, really).

2. She’s unapologetically sexy.

The lips are the sophisticated, cast iron gateway to sensuality, lust, secrets and sex. A girl, who chooses to draw attention to this beautiful part of her body, is mega aware of her sexual prowess. She WANTS you to gaze at her lips and fantasize about kissing them.

A red lipstick girl doesn’t subscribe to the overly simplistic stereotypes that girls are supposed to be meek, shy little waifs fearing their own shadows.

3. She has confidence oozing from every pore.

No word in the expansive English dictionary so accurately pinpoints the very essence of a red lipstick girl as this wonderful word: CONFIDENCE.

Girls who rock the red lippy are unrepentant individuals, who leave us breathless, choking in the smoke of their utter confidence.

A red lipstick girl attains the blood and guts to rock the ultimate power color on her FACE.

She’s staking her claim in the world and refuses to tone down her vivacious personality just because mother once proclaimed, “men hate red lipstick.”

4. She’s a classic beauty.

I don’t care if she’s punk rock, red-carpet glamorous, pin-up chic, Connecticut preppy, East Village goth, conservative OR liberal, gay OR straight, all girls who flirt with a red lippy provide us with a healthy dose of American history.

The original screen sirens of our country coined the trend of red lipstick: Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to name a mere few.

Regardless of her personal style, a girl who rocks red lipstick unearths the sweet nostalgia of old Hollywood, and in this dull age of “natural beauty” (who else is so sick of that BORING trend?) she’s a breath of fresh (yet vintage) air.

5. She's all about fashion over function.

Any girl, who has allowed a sinful shade of red lipstick to make its way on to her bee-stung lips, knows that it’s a hard color to wear.

It would be so much easier to go nude; it would free her from its embarrassing habit of making its way onto her teeth while eating.

She wouldn’t have to be fearful that every time she goes to the bathroom, she will find an inexplicable red smear on the very tip of her nose (this frequently happens to me—I finally figured out it’s from taking too large a sip from my champagne glass).

"Fearless" is the name of the red lipstick game, however, and playing it safe isn't in the DNA of this particular breed of girl.

Red lipstick girls choose FASHION over FUNCTION and are willing to suffer mild discomfort in order to contribute to the overall glamour and beauty of the world.

In a culture defined by Crocs and Uggs, red lipstick girls a scarce and endangered species, often shamed by the granola-eating masses for their fashion forwardness.

If you're lucky enough to spot a girl in red lipstick (especially in the daytime), be sure to stop and tell her how amazing she looks, for wearing lipstick is becoming an increasingly thankless job (same goes for girls who brave heels before 7pm).

6. She’s unafraid to commit in a noncommittal world.

Wearing red lipstick is the ultimate cosmetic commitment, and in a time when flippancy and promiscuity are the norm, it’s no mystery why so many girls shy away from the RED.

You should choose the girl who wears red lipstick because her deep sense of commitment is demonstrated on her face; this is a girl, who knew the moment she took in the reflection of her colorless lips in the bathroom mirror, that as soon as she painted her precious pout red, there was absolutely NO turning back.

Red has a relentless pigmentation and aggressively stains the lips.  You can’t merely wipe it off work while sitting pretty at your desk.

The only thing to do is to continue to build on the red through out the day, deepening and empowering the shade. While this is a true statement in literal terms, it's also a metaphor for how a red lipstick girl will function in a relationship.

7. She’s speaks her glorious mind.

Why would a red lipstick girl choose to draw so much attention to her mouth if she didn't intend on using it (get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty little minx)?

A girl who is unafraid to display a wealth of vibrant color around the vessel in which she releases words from has clearly got a lot to say.

In a world where so many women are brutally oppressed and viciously silenced, red lipstick is a celebration of the female voice.

If you think I’m claiming that wearing red lipstick has the ability to be a powerful political statement, you’re absolutely f*cking right.

8. She prefers the finer things in life.

Velvet, matte, cream textured lipstick that’s rich in hue is the epitome of indulgence, high-brow sophistication and affluence. A woman  so inclined to wear such a shade is inclined to indulge in many of the lusters life has to offer.

A red lipstick girl prefers champagne to beer, cigar bars to dive bars, steak to gluten-free vegan salad.

She knows how to LIVE and is very aware that her number could be up at any given time.  A girl, who is forever painting her mouth with luscious red, understands the concept of live fast, DIE GORGEOUS.