8 Reasons You Should Date A Gemini If You Always Get Bored In Relationships

by Macklyn Parker

There are only a few zodiac signs that have the ability to leave a positive first impression on people. Scorpios are known to be sultry and unapologetic. Leos have a smoldering confidence, and Pisces may be bubbly.

But no sign leaves people as intrigued and excited as the dynamic Gemini does. Some of the world's most popular talents were born under this "twin'" star sign, from Marilyn Monroe and Bob Dylan to Naomi Campbell and Johnny Depp.

A Gemini won't spend a single day without a hint of mystery or splash of adventure. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of flirty, frivolous fun? That's precisely what you'll discover once you begin dating the dynamic Gemini.

1. They're intelligent.

Geminis are great conversationalists. They're certainly sapiosexual. As they're garnished with expressive, energetic and quick-witted banter, chatting with a Gemini will always be jovial or contemplative.

Be prepared to answer a barrage of questions. This fits in with their naturally inquisitive personalities. You'll enjoy learning new things, and you may even change your perspective.

2. They're fiery and enigmatic.

They may come off as aloof or even superficial at times, but Geminis are some of the most stylish Zodiac signs. They easily adapt to situations, and they fascinate in various social settings.

They have the uncanny ability to dress in a way that accentuates their natural features with a confidence that may seem evasive, elusive and downright mysterious.

3. They're seductive.

Good conversation can be a delightful aphrodisiac. Geminis love good conversation, and they often flirt. For them, good conversation is needed before the relationship can progress any further.

They are fiery lovers with heaps of passion. Vocal and inquisitive, a Gemini will ensure the adventure continues long into the night, even after the lights have dimmed.

4. They're charming.

Geminis can charm the pants off anyone. It doesn't matter whether they're at a modest gathering or an eccentric party.

5. They're adventurous.

A Gemini's boundless energy will always keep you on your toes. Routine is the bane of a Gemini's existence.

Because of their inquisitive nature, they're always in search of new things. If you want to impress a Gemini, take him or her to new experiences. He or she will love you in no time.

6. They're inconsistent.

Complacency sucks the life right out of a Gemini. They often find new, alternative and often unique ways of passing their time. Expect to be your Gemini's plus one to some interesting, possibly random shenanigans.

A Gemini can switch it up too. They can suddenly become serious and pensive. A Gemini will always keep you spellbound by his or her Jekyll and Hyde personality.

7. They're expressive.

With their worldly charms and nuances, Geminis are well-adept at expressing and communicating their affections. They love shiny trinkets, and they may lavish and adorn their lovers with elaborate gifts and sweet nothings.

But in order to keep this going, please reciprocate. A Gemini labors internally, and often keeps his or her true feelings and emotions under lock and key.

8. They're edgy.

Geminis seem to live by their own set of rules. They switch up the game up at will. They don't mind being labeled as black sheep. They refuse to be pigeon-holed.

With mysterious, enamoring and almost moody charm, the Gemini can take eons to crack. But try as you might, you won't ever be able to stop being entertained.