If Your Guy Doesn't Have These 8 Qualities, Don't Marry Him

by Alexa Mellardo
Studio Firma

Meeting the man of your dreams -- the one you will want to marry -- will not be an easy task.

Most girls have a pretty long list of desired qualities, which narrows the playing field for them quite a bit. And as they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming.

Your soul mate for life is not something you can plan or shop for. I mean, you can attempt to meet a lot of different guys, but I believe soul mates for life happen by destiny. It's about being in the right place at the right time.

You both need to be prepared. If you don't have the right tools, you won't qualify for the job. There has to be that overall, mutual attraction, and it needs to feel just right.

Everything should come naturally so don't try too hard. If you do, it's probably not meant to be. Conversation should be flowing easily, you must share common interests, and an absolute feeling that you want to see this dude again. You can't stop thinking about him, and he can't stop thinking about you.

There are certain traits that definitely have to be there. Everyone's taste and outlook on finding the right partner varies but these are the qualities I would look for in a husband, and I'm sure many other gals can agree with many, if not all of them.

1. He has an awesome sense of humor.

In my book, if a man makes a girl laugh uncontrollably, he's definitely a keeper.

Knowing how to laugh and have fun together is an important part of every relationship. What's a relationship without having fun and letting loose together? Constant tempers, crankiness and seriousness are major NO's.

2. He's a dependable kind of a guy.

When he says he'll be there, he'd better freaking be there. Obviously emergencies come up but communication is essential. Canceling or being late are not very impressive habits to have at all.

A girl will run in the opposite direction if she can't depend on her man. I need to know I can always count on my guy, just as he'll be able to count on me.

3. He's honest and truthful.

Embellishing a story for a few laughs is one thing. But if a guy gets caught in a lie, he compromises his character. Compromise his character and he's yesterday's guy.

All of my dudes out there: DON'T lie. Do yourself a huge favor and don't even go there, because it will never end well. You should be honest and truthful to one another, always.

4. He's extremely thoughtful, because he wants to be.

Many girls love to be surprised because it shows the guy cares. Besides, thoughtfulness is super sexy, and girls eat it up. I'm not talking about extravagances, just the little things.

When a guy makes creative plans without being prompted by his girl. Or acknowledges a stressful day she's having with flowers, her favorite ice cream or a back rub. Cooking her dinner is always a sweet move! Take notes, guys.

5. He's affectionate and shows that he appreciates you.

In a relationship, a girl should be treated like a queen, and a guy should be treated like a king. Never take any day for granted; hugs, unexpected kisses and holding hands aren't just for when you first meet, they're forever.

6. He's motivated, and that's sexy AF.

Nobody wants a slacker or a couch potato as a partner. A guy who has ambition to create an awesome future and build a great life together is plain ol' sexy.

7. He's a family-oriented man.

When a guy is respectful and close to his family, it's a great indication that he will be a good husband and father. You can tell a lot about a guy by how he treats the women in his life (mom, sisters, aunts, female cousins).

8. He's confident with himself and his choices.

A man without a backbone is attractive to... hmmm, let me see… NOBODY. Know what you want in life, and experience it together.