7 Ways To Be There For A Friend Experiencing A Breakup Who Seems Hopeless

Kayla Snell

Friends are the family we get to choose.

Friendships tend to last longer than a lot of relationships do. And when the relationships you thought would last forever finally come to an end, your friends are there to pick up the pieces and make you feel whole again.

They're the people to whom we go when we can't find it in us to talk to our blood relatives, either out of embarrassment, fear of disappointment or not wanting to be a burden.

Your friends won't judge you (hopefully), and they've probably been through similar situations.

I'm typically not one to announce when I'm feeling down, so I usually need my friends to pull it out of me. When your friend and their SO breakup, they're going to need you more than they'll probably admit.

Here are seven things your friends are probably going to need from you after their earth-shattering breakup:

Constantly remind them it's not the end of the world, and they will make it through the breakup.

When someone has become such a crucial part of your life, it's hard to remember you were happy long before you met them. Remind your friends that it won't be long before they're feeling happy again. We all need to be reminded of that sometimes.

Listen to them talk about the same things over and over again until they feel better.

Even if you're on the verge of insanity, listening to the same “we were perfect for each other” or “he told me he loved me” lines 100 times, let your friends talk it out. Let them repeat it over and over again, and listen intently every time.

They would do it for you, and they have, so it's only fair you do it for them.

Tell them their ex is not the sun. They are.

The most iconic line in all of "Grey's Anatomy" came from the brilliant Cristina Yang: “Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.”

Cristina could not be more right. No one should come into your life and make you think you have to revolve around them. You are the sun. They are not.

Drink their sorrows away with them, and watch endless breakup movies.

For those who would rather not drink the night into oblivion, join them in finishing off a tub of ice cream, while watching rom-coms that make you laugh and cry your eyes out.

According to allwomenstalk, some of the best, feel-good breakup movies are “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “(500) Days of Summer,” “The Break-Up,” “He's Just Not That Into You” and “Legally Blonde.”

Don't let them hop right onto the next person they see.

When they wake up next to that person in bed, reality will come as a bitter slap in the face.

They'll sit around all day, waiting for their rebound to reach out, and when they don't (because they probably won't), it's going to hurt 10 times more.

Tell them they're prettier than their SO, and they deserve better.

A lot of times, people think it's their fault their SO didn't want to be with them, but that's usually not the case.

Sometimes, our friends just need to be reminded that they didn't do anything wrong. They were beautiful before, and they're still beautiful now.

Well, boys may not need much appearance boosting, but hearing that he's too good for her, or even too hot for her, will probably help him out too.

Make a playlist of feel-good songs for when the sadness gets overwhelming.

Some must-have songs on the feel-good playlist are “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, “Survivor” by Destiny's Child, “Picture to Burn” by Taylor Swift and “Flavor of the Week” by American Hi-Fi. Also, according to my roommate, “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes is a pretty good one as well.

Don't be the friend that thinks everything is okay just because you're friend isn't visibly hurting. After a breakup, everyone hurts. Even if you cheated or you just weren't in love anymore, the heartache is still pretty strong.

It's easy to feel lost and alone in the midst of a breakup, so let your friends know you're always there. After all, they'd do it for you.