7 Unconventional Signs That You Might Actually Be Into This Person

by Ravid Yosef

So, you've spent the last few years hooking up and staying casual with the opposite sex because you were focused on more important things, like your career, school or social life.

You don’t even remember how it feels to like someone, but you’ve met someone new and things feel different.

The Internet is filled with cute posts to help you figure out whether you like someone, but this is not one of those cute posts about butterflies and rainbows.

These are your no-bullsh*t, oh-f*ck, what-have-I-gotten-myself-into, I-may-actually-like-this-person signs for figuring out whether or not you do:

1. You’re Not Sick Of His Or Her F*cking Face

You usually get bored with people pretty quickly. When they try to press you for quality time, you hit the breaks and ask for space.

For some reason, you want to spend time with this person, and no matter how much time you spend with together, you don’t get sick of his or her f*cking face.

2. You Cuddle, Even Though You Hate To Cuddle

You like your sleep — there’s nothing wrong with that. So, in an attempt to get more of it in the past, you asked the person laying beside you to stick to his or her side of the bed, or better yet, leave completely.

You are not sure how this happened, but suddenly, you want more than the obligatory cuddle-after-sex session. When this person isn’t all up on you, you miss it. WTF is happening to you?

3. You Feel Bad When You've Been A Bitch/Assh*le

You? Apologize? Never! Most people can’t handle your attitude, and you couldn't care less... except when it comes to this new person in your life.

When you’ve been a total bitch to him or her, you feel bad about it and sometimes even apologize for your behavior. You're getting soft!

4. You No Longer Plan Ahead

Remember when you had all your social activities planned out for the weekend by Wednesday? If someone wanted your time, he or she had to plan ahead, but you now find yourself not making plans.

You just assume you’ll be spending time with this new person whose face you are not sick of.

This doesn’t mean you’ve neglected your friends; they get time, too. You are just not as concerned about spending Saturday night at home, by yourself.

5.  You Have Let Go Of All Your Other Hoes

You used to keep a nice little rotation, but those people no longer seem so interesting. You’ve stopped texting them back and are no longer going out on dates with other people.

You don’t even have an official title yet, but subconsciously, you are committed to seeing whether it will work with this one person, so you’ve let all your other hoes go.

6. You Don’t Tell Your Friends All The Details Of Your Relationship

You used to text your friend every time you got into a disagreement with anyone you dated, but not anymore.

You no longer care for other people’s opinions because you know you’ll figure it out and prefer for your issues to stay between you and this one person.

7. Feelings Make You Want To Throw Up

You think you like this person, but you’re not sure. You decide to talk to him or her about it, but as you muster up the courage to say something, your stomach starts to turn.

Does just the thought of talking about feelings make you want to throw up? Yep, you like this person.