The 7 Biggest Turn-Offs A Guy Can Have, According To A Woman

by Lindsey Joy Caldwell

Dating isn't rocket science, but it's also not a cake walk.

Too often, guys do things that just completely ruin whatever you have going. These frustrating habits are total turn-offs, but we see them all too often out in the dating world.

If you want a girl to be interested in you, avoid doing one of these seven huge turn-offs:

1. You don't follow through.


No one is perfect, but if you say you're going to call, call. If you say you're going to plan something, then plan it. It's rather simple.

Nothing is a bigger turn-off then simply not following through with no explanation. Over time, I've adopted a simple philosophy: Indecision is a decision. So if you're not making an effort, it becomes clear you're simply not interested, and it's time to move on.

2. You're unclear.


We (un)fortunately live in a day and age where we're more connected then ever. Be clear in your texts and what you want. The vague "What's up" texts daily really don't help move anything forward.

Switch the messaging to be more upfront like, "Hey, was thinking about you, what's up?" So much disappointment could be avoided if we were simply more clear when we communicate.

3. You follow questionable accounts on social media.

This may sound silly, but it's important. If you follow 100 bikini models on Instagram, it reveals to me what you value. If a guy is interested in me, one of the first things I look at is who they follow on Instagram.


It may sound trivial, but it shows me what you're filling your mind with daily.

4. You don't take the lead.

I'm strong and independent, but regardless of my independence and career success, I want a man who will take the lead. It's so attractive when a man asks for my opinion on what I'd like to do, and then takes the reins on plans from there.

5. You aren't driven.

We all have seasons of doubt, fear, and confusion in our careers and life, but it's so frustrating when a man isn't proactive and isn't driven.

I remember a guy I was talking to told me about his business idea, and then showed me his business plan to better detail the overall concept. It was so attractive to see that it wasn't just a blip of an idea. It was well-thought-out, and there was an active plan behind it.

I'm not saying you need to have a business plan for every great idea you have, but it was so refreshing to see effort and action.

6. You don't call.

Texting daily is awesome, and hearing the details of your day is something I love. However, if the majority of the communication is just texting, it's not going to last.


Texting can be misinterpreted sometimes, and the overall tone can get lost in translation. Pick up the phone and call her.

7. You ghost, but try to come back.

Oh man, I think so many girls can relate to this one. It sucks when someone is interested in you and then they simply disappear, only to reappear weeks later, wanting to take you out. No, just no.

If you do disappear and come back, at least have some thoughts organized on why you stopped reaching out. I will always hear a guy out and give him another shot, if he's just simply honest.

Relationships can be sticky -- real sticky. I'm not looking for a hero, and I'm not expecting someone to be perfect, but these are some of the biggest turn-offs you can find regularly in dudes.

Honestly, it's actually pretty simple. A girl just wants to be told she's lovely, that you're invested in her and that there's a future (if you believe there is one). Just communicate.

If you're interested, then pursue her, and pursue her well. Show how you value her in the small ways with how you communicate and how you present yourself.