50 Shades of Grey Delivery Service

It seems as if every time I log onto the Internet, another delivery service has been invented as a means of making our lives easier.

This next one is particularly unique, and would greatly benefit 50 Shades of Grey fans and those looking to spice up their Valentine’s Day. This delivery service, called Box of Grey, is a luxe sex-toy company that delivers goodie boxes for any theme of occasion.

The Britain based company allows couples to choose their preferred combination of sex toys, and then proceeds to deliver the goodie boxes to hotel rooms in discreet containers, so no one can suspect what the couple is up to.

Kits can include lingerie; shearling lines handcuffs, compact vibrators, scented massage candles, feather whips and blindfolds. Each goodie box costs a minimum on $178, but for some, I’m sure it’s entirely worth it.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images