5 Ways Being In A Relationship Is Holding You Back In Life


Your relationship is probably the reason you are not as successful as you could have been, had you been single. No, I am not saying this out of the bitterness of being single, but let’s face it: Being single is awesome.

I am saying this, having seen my friends and other people in relationships being perfectly okay with the status quo, making “As Long As You Love Me” the life track of choice!

Here is how your relationship is holding you back:

1. You do not meet new people with a sense of wonderment, and hence, miss out on what could be awesome.

In fact, you lose that sexy charm you used to exude when you met people during your single life. Why? You get out of practice when you are in a relationship and now you know that you have someone who wants you just the way you are.

Now, while that is a good thing, it does have this very serious side effect of making you a little less interesting.

2. He or she becomes the reason you exist.

Everything revolves around your partner. Seeing a movie? You ask him. Want to go out? You ask her. You wait for the weekend because you know you will get to see and be with your significant other.

You text constantly, or if you are a little less obnoxious, you call each other whenever you can make time. As great as it is that you have found the one who (potentially) completes you, are you really completing your own self?

3. Your relationship always comes before your work.

When was the last time you chose work over your relationship? Being a workaholic usually leads to trouble in paradise and chances are, you’ll avoid trouble if you are in a healthy, loving relationship.

So, even though you would love to work the life out of yourself, you won’t anymore because you would rather spend time with your loved one. Guess who is up for a promotion, now? Not you!

4. Your contentment makes you complacent.

The moment you become content, the hunger to want more vanishes. When that hunger goes away, so does your drive. You’ll go on happily in life and stop learning and growing at the pace you ordinarily would have.

One day, you will look back and realize that even though you are one of the lucky few to claim a steady life, you didn’t accomplish too much because you were too content.

5. You’ll usually lose your fitness.

Unless your love for fitness brought the two of you together or you are one of those rare types of people who lives to workout, then chances are, you stopped caring about your body as much as you did when you were single.

You know you’ll get all the cuddles and kisses you want, anyway, and you know your partner finds you to be good-looking. Don’t be surprised when you need a bigger size dress for your hot date night, though.

I am not advocating for you to get out of you relationship. Rather, I am just begging you to introspect and make sure you have a life beyond it, as well.