5 Ways Your Perspective On Life Changes When You're In A Relationship

by Marella Porter
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Before I got into a relationship, I was convinced spending my life alone was what I wanted.

Looking back, I must have been crazy to believe the lie I was trying to make myself believe.

Like any single twenty-something, I prided myself on my ability to be independent, so much so that the lack of a relationship was one I wanted to believe was OK, even if it meant it'd be forever.

Forever alone, right?

I guess part of what was keeping me from wanting a relationship was the fear of becoming vulnerable, losing my independence and no longer being able to play-up my flawless facade.

But you know what I've found, and what most people in healthy relationships can attest to?

My relationship has given me the energy to be a more wholesome human being and these are the reasons why:


Being in a relationship makes you a generally more positive person! When you're around your significant other, it's as if all of the world's demons have settled and all you see is light. Somehow everything becomes fresh and new, almost as if you haven't been living in the same world for the past twenty-or-so years!

You're willing to try new things with your partner and take on new adventures with a hard “yes!". You take on life with open arms because you see how opening yourself up to others has given you a new energy.

Health & Well-Being

There in no better motivation in the gym and in the kitchen other than your partner! Having someone who genuinely notices your small gains and encourages you to be better is the best feeling in the world. In wanting to be the best versions of ourselves for our partners, we become more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle and even consider kicking our worst habits.


It is so much easier to tackle the world with your significant other by your side cheering you on at each and every endeavor! When times get tough, they're there to remind you that you can achieve anything you set your heart on and when things don't go how you'd hoped, your partner will still be there with you to venture through the next path.


Isn't it great to have a life to look forward to? Even if you're not 100 percent sure about what your future is going to look like, you have the ability to remain content because you know there will always be someone along for the ride.

You are more confident about the things you want in your life because having a partner gives you a sense of resiliency, one you may not have had before. Before, your future was something you might have worried about. Where will you go? What will you do? With who? But now, you've got one huge piece of your life's plan figured out allowing you to focus on the other bits and pieces that will make your life whole.


With time and effort relationships often progress into love. There is no better feeling than the one's associated with being in love. Love gives you wings, it's as if you're untouchable. No longer are you vulnerable to the negative things people have to say or do around you. You're happy with who you are because there is someone crazy enough to love you for all that you are. It's such a great feeling to be accepted for who you are wholly, however imperfectly. Every day begins a new adventure with your significant other.