14 Subtle Ways Girls Flirt With Guys That They Have No Idea About

by Ashley Fern

Girls are odd creatures; instead of saying what they really mean, they vaguely dance around the subject until another person catches on. You can try and argue this, but when it comes down to it, the majority of females do this at one point or another in their lives.

Is this why dating is so complicated? Because people never actually say what they mean and just leave everything up to chance and guessing games? Probably... most likely... definitely?

So what are some of the ways women flirt that guys may or may not pick up on?

1. They insult you

Why they do it: Because being nice never got anyone anywhere.

Does it actually work?: Yes, oddly enough, it does.

How a guy interprets this: "The meaner she is to me, the more she likes me."

Rating of effectiveness: Hard 8

2. Pretend to understand football

Why they do it: To try and relate to men on some level; to prove she is one of the bros and, therefore, not "basic."

Does it actually work?: Only if she actually knows what she is talking about.

How a guy interprets this: "Aww this is cute, at least she is trying."

Rating of effectiveness: Soft 7

3. Try and fight with you about something stupid

Why they do it: You are not giving her enough attention; she just wants to have make up sex... or both.

Does it actually work?: Every. Damn. Time.

How a guy interprets this: "What is the quickest way I can shut this girl up?"

Rating of effectiveness: Hard 10... pun intended

4. Drink something they actually hate to impress you

Why they do it: Once again, to not seem "basic." (This seems like a common pattern, doesn't it?)

Does it actually work?: Yes, until she is throwing up Fireball in the toilet.

How a guy interprets this: "Wow, she can actually hang!"

Rating of effectiveness: Soft 8

5. Ask for help for something they need absolutely no help with

Why they do it:  You can thank every Disney movies for this one — showing young girls the way to get a man is by playing the dumb card.

Does it actually work?: We'll give it an A for effort.

How a guy interprets this: "This is great — I can show off how masculine I am."

Rating of effectiveness: A F*CKING 10

6. Asking him to take shots

Why they do it: To seem fun and exciting; everyone knows the more you drink, the better the other person looks.

Does it actually work?: Oh, yes, yes it does.

How a guy interprets this: "Wow, I'm definitely getting laid tonight."

Rating of effectiveness: Another hard 10

7. Laugh at everything he says

Why they do it: The situation is either super awkward or she just wants to achieve her goal of the night — there is really a 50/50 shot with this one.

Does it actually work?: Sadly, yes.

How a guy interprets this: "I am so funny and hilarious and charming and awesome."

Rating of effectiveness: 6

8. Complain about how they get hit on all the time

Why they do it: To seem overly desirable in a subtly not subtle manner; to make it known how desired she is by other men and that guy should be thankful to even be in her presence.

Does it actually work?: If she is hot it does, otherwise that will just get really awkward really fast...

How a guy interprets this: This is the least subtle approach a woman can ever take.

Rating of effectiveness: 2 — Max

9. Drop references of movies they know he has seen

Why they do it: To appear cultured, witty and chill.

Does it actually work?: It does if you don't f*ck it up and it applies to the situation.

How a guy interprets this: "This is strangely hot, I think I might be aroused."

Rating of effectiveness: 7

10. Tag them in semi-funny Instagram posts

Why they do it: Because this type of flirting does not involve any face time... aka you can look like complete sh*t!

Does it actually work?: If you don't tag them in any female-targeted posts.

How a guy interprets this: They perceive this as very clever since it doesn't involve any actual conversation unless you want it to.

Rating of effectiveness: 5

11. Complain about not going to the gym while looking really good

Why they do it: Validation.

Does it actually work?: No! It screams that you are insecure.

How a guy interprets this: "Hmm, so she's already fishing for compliments and we haven't even dated yet."

Rating of effectiveness: 1

12. Sneak a little bit of skin into a Snapchat

Why they do it: To look subtly hot by "accident."

Does it actually work?: You better believe it.

How a guy interprets this: "She's DTF... for sure."

Rating of effectiveness: 8

13. Make fun of other woman

Why they do it: To look better by comparision.

Does it actually work?: NO. NEVER. NOT ONCE.

How a guy interprets this: That you are insecure and have no loyalty.

Rating of effectiveness: 1

14. Ask to borrow clothing items

Why they do it: To appear needy.

Does it actually work?: No! This is a rookie mistake.

How a guy interprets this: "God dammit that's another hoodie I will never see again."

Rating of effectiveness: 2