The 5 Signs He's A Player

by Evelyn Pelczar

The player is a particular brand of male that we continue to try to demystify. These modern day Casanovas are as cunning, sly and playful as ever. Guys who are considered players do what the name suggests: they play you.

And even though they may never be understood completely, if you find yourself in the midst of a player, here are some signs to look out for.

Meet the player and with these signs in mind; be the coach.

1. He is Prince Charming.. heavy on the charm

Confidence is key. To find a guy that can hold his own and exude a presence is naturally appealing. Totally fine, but you have to wonder how many other victims he’s slain with that dangerous smile and charm. Proceed with caution, he knows what he’s doing.

2. A numbers game

A player has no fewer than four girls in his rotation for a week. There’s someone for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Four days means four girls, ideally for him. But he never has more than seven girls, unless he can clone himself or is overly optimistic of his abilities.

3. He puts his phone face down to the table

Putting his Iphone face down on the table signals there could be something that might come up that he wouldn’t want you to see. And most likely it isn’t a call from his mom.

4. He has a lot of girls' numbers

If you have access to his phone (and I am not encouraging this, only in extreme cases of course) and he has a lot of girls first names and the location they met...then run. For example “Alexa – Starbucks” or “Tina – Bar”, the location is added so he can remember where they met.

5. All the conversations with him have a sexual undertone

When you text “Hey what’s up,” the reply should always be “Not much and you” or something along those lines. Not the other obvious sexualized response. If the conversations always revert back to a sexual tone, it's pretty clear what he’s in for.

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