5 Reasons Bodybuilders Make For The Most Dedicated And Devoted Boyfriends

by Jason Butler

Imagine yourself entering the gym and deciding to lift some weights. As you take in your surroundings, breathing in that distinct scent of the weight room amongst the constant banging and clinking of weights, you start to take note of the diversity of the people around you.

Amongst the average gym-goers, you notice another kind of person in the area. He's bigger in comparison to most people of the male gender that you know of.

His muscles are clearly defined and proportional, he has a lot of size but is also shaped in a kind of streamlined way and he lifts with an intensity that’s different from those around him.

His eyes are sharp and focused in between sets, and he uses his shoulders and posture to walk with a confidence and seriousness that makes others take notice. He's definitely been coming here for a while.

At first you’re not sure what to think; perhaps you’re intrigued or even intimidated. You eventually find out that this person is a bodybuilder and super serious about lifting weights and manipulating his body’s aesthetic.

You find yourself wondering, what is the draw of having such simplistic desires involving something that requires so much hard work that is less than fun?

But there is more to a bodybuilder than just the weights. In fact, many bodybuilders will tell you that, as they journey through their bodybuilding lives, the things they do and learn along the way can be directly related and applied to many aspects of their lives.

One such aspect is the dating game. Many of you have probably never exclusively thought about dating a bodybuilder.

You may be into guys who are fit, muscular, lean, slender, etc., but haven’t necessarily considered dating someone on the basis that he has a bodybuilder’s mindset.

I’m here to give you five reasons why I think dating a bodybuilder is a good idea. Are you ready? Let's do this:

They Enjoy Lifting And Moving Heavy Things

Have you ever had to move to another house or apartment? Do you ever find yourself wishing you had someone who would love to take all of your groceries in all at once? Well, having a bodybuilder in your life means that you have someone who will gladly do this for you.

If you’re in college and constantly moving your stuff from one dorm to the next, you have someone who wants to help you out with that.

If you travel often and hate bringing around heavy suitcases, you have a significant other who will gladly hold on to and carry them for you.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the frustration that is trying to fit a heavy couch through a small door during a move in to a new apartment (ugh), you know what I’m talking about here.

They Care About Their Bodies

The most important thing to a bodybuilder is obviously the way his body looks. A bodybuilder's ultimate goal is to fully maximize the optimal aesthetic that his body is capable of producing.

When you date a bodybuilder, you are dating someone who is constantly trying to improve his physical appearance and will do whatever it takes to maintain it.

While I’m not trying to say that looks and physical appearance are the most important things in a relationship, they are still fairly important. Someone who doesn’t really care about his image, in my opinion, isn't interested in wanting to be the best version of himself.

To me, it is your obligation to make yourself look the best you can for the person you like. You don’t want to communicate to this person that once you’re in a relationship, there is no need to look good anymore.

If you date a bodybuilder, you can rest assured that he will always do his best to attain and maintain the most optimal physique for both of you to enjoy.

They Care About Their Health (For the Most Part)

I’m not going to sit here and say that bodybuilding is necessarily an exclusively healthy thing. I think that’s a common misconception, especially if you’re talking about non-natural bodybuilding.

However, dedicated bodybuilders don’t go out on weekends and consume outrageous amounts of alcohol (which your body treats as poison), either.

They don’t eat out at chain restaurants or snack on foods that provide nearly zero nutritional benefit or purpose, don’t heavily flavor their food with salt, sugar and fats, and they practice portion control.

Bodybuilders want their bodies to function at peak physical performance so that they can have incredible workouts to facilitate maximal muscle gains and hypertrophy.

This means eating "clean" and (for the most part) healthy foods that aid in generating that optimal performance.

When you date someone like that, you are dating someone who is most likely at near peak physical health, and therefore able to perform many physical tasks at optimal performance without the fear of breaking down anytime soon.

They Are Willing To Do Things They Don’t Want To Do

Bodybuilders might tell you they enjoy working out for hours upon hours a day, lifting and putting stress on their bodies, while also only eating the most flavorless and disgusting foods of all time 24/7. But in reality, they understand that these things are a chore.

Despite this, they are willing to endure the pain, monotony and unwillingness to perform these tasks.

They can put their heads down and grind through the workload, stress and perhaps other issues they have going on to get a job done.

This is a valuable trait to have in someone you’re dating. If you date a bodybuilder, he knows how to deal with doing stuff he doesn’t want to do.

He will understand that sometimes doing the things we don’t want to do is, in the long run, best for all those involved, including you and your happiness.

They Are Devoted And Dedicated

If bodybuilders are okay with dedicating hours a day to lifting weights and eating food they don’t want to eat, then you can only imagine how dedicated they will be to something or someone they actually enjoy being around and care about.

When a bodybuilder puts his mind to something, he is all in, regardless of how much hard work and dedication it will demand.

Whatever extreme is necessary to make something work is the extreme to which a bodybuilder will take something.

Bodybuilding takes an unbelievable amount of dedication, devotion and consistency over an incredibly extended amount of time in order for someone to be successful at it.

Choosing to date a bodybuilder is choosing to date someone who is capable of giving you that same amount of dedication and devotion for a successful relationship.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr