5 Places To Meet Your Husband If You Didn't Find Him In College

by Jessica McKinney

The day I walked across the stage, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of pride and satisfaction. I felt like in that moment I understood what the phrase, "I came, I saw, I conquered," really meant.

I entered college as a naïve freshman with a low alcohol tolerance. I left with a few life lessons, the ability to down shots and, of course, a bachelor's degree. The only thing I neglected to find was a husband.

Feminists might hate the idea of a woman going to college in pursuit of a husband, but in reality, that is part of the college experience.

In college, you often hear stories about how a friend of another friend's sister met her husband freshman year, and then married him four years later. And just like in the movies, this random girl is the exception to the rule.

Unfortunately, the rest of us are simply the rule.

But where does that leave you now?

Since you're the rule, it will most likely leave you sitting on a couch, confiding in your best friend about an awkward hookup, or one hot waste of your time. My best friend and I have taken part in this game, although we hate to admit it.

Aside from the constant complaining about exes and current guys who send mixed signals, the conversation usually reverts to brainstorming where this husband of ours could be. For the women who found their husbands in college, I commend you -- envy you, even.

But for the vast majority of us who were unlucky in that category, remember: You didn't find your husband at school for a reason.

For the most part, I'm assuming no college has a massive number of Ryan Goslings, and you know too much about these college guys to even consider them life partners. The likelihood of going down the university "aisle to matrimony" is very slim.

With that option crossed off, there are only so many options to consider:

1. At The Club/Bar

It's surprising who you will run into when you're dropping it low and sipping with a couple of girlfriends. Mid-way through a binge of "Say Yes To The Dress," a bride-to-be explained how she met her fiancé at a night club.

After they shared a dance or two, they went out on a of couple of dates and the rest was history. If she can do it, so can you.

It's weird to think how you can get a clear reading on someone's character when there is so much alcohol contributing to your night. But who says one night has to be just for hooking up?

Connections can come from a single dance or look.

2. Mutual Friends

Ideally, we all would like to have a friend who is conveniently hiding some magical man, and finally introduces him at a housewarming party or gathering.

The friend brings you over to him, you shake hands and spend the rest of the night talking. Something clicks, and your romance story begins.

As farfetched as this may seem, it's similar to a good network on LinkedIn. You never know when your connection can link you to a job, or in this case, a husband.

3. On The Street/At Random

Just how random is random?

Having a stranger walk up to you and ask you out is creepy, and creating a relationship from a bump-in on the street is sketchy.

They are possibilities, nevertheless. Assuming that not everyone you meet is a complete lunatic or has weird fetishes, it is possible a certain someone is waiting for you to bump into him or come up and say hi.

If you believe in fate, you were destined to meet your husband this way.

4. An Ex

I really hope this is a last resort. Some girls were always meant to be with their exes, and somehow got lost along the way before rekindling the flame. I hope those girls live truly happy lives.

Personally, when I think about my exes and the girls who have shared my exes or ones like them, it saddens me that this is even an option. Exes are exes for a reason.

But for the sake of working through all of the possibilities, things can turn around. A couple of years and a lot of growing up can change a person, and it's possible to gain a better understanding of who you are and what you want.

In that case, taking a step back can propel you forward and down the aisle.

5. In A Coffee Shop

If life were a romance novel, you would be sitting in a coffee shop, reading a book and eating a scone. At the table across from you, a young man would be sitting there, also reading.

But when you look up, you notice that the guy is looking at you. You smile and look back down, but when you glance up once more, your eyes meet again.

You smile, he smiles.

He walks over to you and asks to sit down. You talk for a while and leave the coffee shop with a first date set for the end of the week.

A more realistic version would be one spilling coffee on the other, but compared to meeting at a club, this might be a better option.

At least you can get a better reading of what this guy has to offer.